Leonard Cohen Edinburgh Castle

Leonard Cohen

Edinburgh Castle Wed 16 July 2008

I hadn’t seen Leonard Cohen since the 1970s, and figured that it was about time that I went to see him again. Laura had also heard a lot of his stuff and quite fancied coming along to see him. She’s really into Rufus Wainwright and his version of Hallelujah had got her interested in Mr Cohen in the first place.

So we take the train to Edinburgh to see Leonard at the Castle. We arrive in plenty of time and go for a pizza in a restaurant just off Princess Street. Then we get ready in our Travelodge which is just at the bottom of the Royal Mile. We then take the short walk up the Royal Mile to the Castle to see the show.

The weather is OK but it does look like it might rain. We have seats on the floor about 20 rows back which is quite a good view of the stage. This is a pretty nice venue in a great setting.  Leonard comes on stage with his band and starts with Dance me to the end of love. His voice is deeper than on the records and he is almost speaking the words but, having said that, he is still singing well and its great to see him. The crowd are clearly excited at seeing a legend in the flesh, and hang on to his every word. However, I would say that I found the crowd quite subdued; there were also quite a lot of people around us who were talking during the show which was quite annoying at times, particularly during the quiet songs.

He does all the well known ones; Suzzane, Bird on the Wire, Sisters of Mercy, So Long Marianne. Great to hear them again sung by the man himself. The rain starts during the encore, and after the show we make the walk down the Royal Mile to our hotel. Back home on the train on the morning after bacon sarnies from a shop down the street. A pretty good trip all in all. Nice to see Leonard again.

the programme

the programme

my ticket

my ticket

 Leonard Cohen site: http://www.leonardcohen.com/

Set list:

Dance me to the end of love
The Future
Ain’t no cure for love
Bird on the wire

Everybody knows
In my secret life
Who by fire?
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye


Tower of song
Boogie street
I’m your man
A thousand kisses deep (recitation)
Take this waltz


So long, Marianne
First we take Manhattan
Sisters of mercy
If it be your will (sung by the Webb sisters)
Closing time

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Laura on August 8, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Dad man! Your typing is terrible and what do you mean he spoke the voice, don’t you mean he spoke the words? Sort it out!
    Plus, when in your life have you ever said the word sarnies? Type like you talk. You’re not American so why does everybody rock? Apparently some dood called Fogery rocks, don’t you mean Foggerty?


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