Oasis Sheffield Arena 10 October

Oasis Sheffield Hallam Arena Friday 10 October 2008

Oasis are back and on top form. A new album, and a new tour which sold out in the first hour. To the fans who have followed them over the years, Oasis are THE band. So there is an air of heavy anticipation around in the cavernous Sheffield Hallam arena on Friday night.

Laura and I drove down to Sheffield on Friday night; traffic wasn’t too bad given it was a Friday. In fact we arrived there with plenty of time to spare. Laura bought her customary t-shirt and I bought my programme. Then, after a couple of pretty mega size hot dogs, we took our seats which were at the back of the arena, opposite the stage. The support act was a band called Twisted Wheel, who niether of us had heard of before. They were OK I suppose, pretty average actually, sounded like a cross between old school punk (doesn’t everyone nowadays?) and the Arctic Monkeys. After they have finished there’s a short wait before Oasis take the stage to a might roar from the Yorkshire crowd.

The sound is pretty clear from where we are; maybe could be a little louder. Liam’s voice is really strong, and he looks pretty cool on stage. The set is a mixture of old and new. The songs from the new album are very strong, and the old favourites go down well with the crowd. Lots of singing along. Lots of beer flying aroundon the floor and on the lower terraces. Luckily we mostly escape this.

In the encore we get Don’t Look Back in Anger sung largely acoustic by Noel, and a great version of Champagne Supernova. The last song is I am the Walrus which nearly takes the roof off. And then its over, seemed like they had only been on stage 5 minutes, although it had been almost 2 hours in reality.  The drive back to Newcastle is straight forward; road is clear.

So the lads didn’t let us down. They follow in a great line of British rock bands. Just like seeing the Who, the Faces or the Kinks on a good night. Roll on next Summer (now where will the mega gig in Manchester be?) ; can’t wait.  


  Set list:  Rock N Roll Star ; Lyla ; The Shock Of The Lightning ;Cigarettes And Alcohol; Meaning Of Soul ;To Be  Where There’s Life;  Waiting For The Rapture; The Masterplan; Songbird; Slide Away; Morning Glory; Ain’t Got Nothing; The Importance Of Being Idle; To Be Where There’s Life; Wonderwall; Supersonic


 Encores: Don’t Look Back In Anger (Acoustic); Falling Down; Champagne Supernova; I Am The Walrus

website: www.oasisinet.com

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