Buzzcocks Newcastle 18 Jan 2009

The Buzzcocks Newcastle Academy 18 Jan 2009

Laura and I decided to go along and see the Buzzcocks at the Academy last Sunday. I hadn’t seen them since their heyday in the late 70s; Laura had heard a few of their well-known songs on the radio and on punk compilations. The gig promised to be good; on this tour the Buzzcocks are playing their first two albums in their entirety alongside all their hits.

The Academy was pretty full downstairs; the balcony was not open for this gig. The crowd were quite mixed, a lot of them were old punks who were sporting Stiff Little Fingers, Damned and Exploited t-shirts. The support act was the Lurkers; another old name from the 70s. We arrived just as the Lurkers took the stage; they were pretty Ok actually; Laura recognised a couple of the songs, and I recalled seeing them in the late 70s in Sunderland at Finos (or was it Lees Club in those days?).

The Buzzcocks came on to a great roar from the crowd and launch straight Fast Cars the first track on their first album. What follows is a set of classic punk pop songs. I’d forgotten just how good they were. Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle still look and sound great and the crowd are well into it right from the start. All the favourites are played : I don’t mind; Ever fallen in love, Promises, What do I get and some I’d forgotten: Fiction Romance, Nostalgia.

Laura counted 23 songs in 2 hours. Great. It doesn’t come much better than this, and gets us both in the mood for the Magazine reunion show, which we will be seeing at the London Forum in a few weeks time.



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