Richard Thompson Gateshead January 2009

Richard Thompson The Sage Gateshead January 23rd 2009

1000 years of Popular Music


Richard Thompson is another act that I felt I should catch up on. I think the last time I saw him he was with his (then) wife Linda and they were supporting Traffic at Newcastle City Hall.

For this tour Richard is performing his own review of 1000 years of popular music, accompanied by Judith Owen and Debra Donkin who provide (excellent) vocals, percussion and keyboards. The set was divided into two halves. In the first half Richard concentrated on old traditional songs, with a selection of folk music, a carol, and Elizabethan songs. After the interval he moved to 20th  century music. This set covered some of my favourite songs: Cry me a river (sung wonderfully by one of the ladies); See my Friends (always one of my favourite Kinks songs); Friday on my Mind (again a great song) and couple of old rock n roll tunes (Drinking wine spo dee o dee). All of these were performed in Richard’s own style with some great guitar work. The encore included a Beatles medley with I want to hold your hand and a couple of other early mersey beat type songs. A good selection of songs, and well performed. An interesting evening.



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