Magazine London Forum

Magazine London Kentish Town Forum February 13th 2009

I have fond memories of seeing Magazine a few times in the late 70s and early 80s. In particular, I recall being impressed with Howard Devoto’s stage presence from a show in Redcar where he stared down at the audience from a mike stand which had a platform for him to stand on. And The Light pours down on me, and Shot by both sides are two of my favourite songs. Laura had become familiar with the band  through Morrissey who has covered a couple of their songs in the past. So we both decided we should go along and see them, and made the trip to London on a cold Friday night to see if they would live up to their legend.

The Forum is an old cinema which has been converted into a pretty nice venue. We’d opted for seats upstairs (neither of us like standing all night). The support was Ipso Facto who we’d seen before with the Last Shadow Puppets. They did a short, OK set; but everyone was waiting for the main act. After a very long intro and a short (and strange) spoken piece  from Devoto, the curtain came up; Barry Adamson and Dave Formula came on and started playing the Light Pours out of me. Howard joins them and snarls the vocals; they sound great; really tight and a clear sound.

Laura and I only know a few of the better known tracks; the rest of the crowd seem to know everything. There is one song called “Book” where Howard standards at a lecturn and reads from a big old book. Howard looks pretty good; no hair at all these days but still has the same (quite strange) stage presence. The guitarist does a great job filling the shoes of John McGeogh; he is a wearing a cool red suit and some great red winkle pickers (which look the same as mine!). The last song is Shot by both sides. The crowd goes mad downstairs, lots of people getting flung around. The last encore is  Beefheart’s I Love you Big Dummy (my friend recalls seeing them play this at their first ever gig).

After the show Laura and I push our way against the flow of the crowd to get to the merchandise stall downstairs. Laura buys her customary t-shirt.  Then its back on the tube to our Travelodge room near Kings Cross and back home in the morning. We both agreed it was a jolly good show.


*The Light Pours Out of Me (with epic intro)
*Model Worker (with Obama reference)
*The Honeymoon Killers (with one sassy lady from the support band)
*Because You’re Frightened
*You Never Knew Me (with the same sassy femme)
*Rhythm of Cruelty (following mention of McGeoch)
*This Poison (with sassy femme again)
*A Song from Under the Floorboards
*The Book
*Twenty Years Ago/Definitive Gaze (a seemless medley)
*Shot By Both Sides
*Thank You (fallentime…)
2nd encore:
*I Love You Big Dummy




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