America Sage Gateshead 17 March 2009

America The Sage Gateshead 17 March 2009

I’d forgotten how many great songs America had written.  I’ve only seen the band once before; at the Odeon in Newcastle on a double bill with Poco in (I think) 1975. They played the Sage a year or so ago but I didn’t make it for some reason. This time the Sgae was less than half full, but those that did turn out to see the band didn’t leave disappointed.

America is now composed of two of its originals: Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, backed by a group of musicians, some who have been with them for over 30 years.  The songs still sound great. Ventura Highway comes early in the set, and I soon realise that there are a lot of America songs which I remember: I Need You, Tin Man, Sandman, You Can Do Magic. They do a pretty good version of Eleanor Rigby too. During Sandman the backdrop shows shots from the Vietnam war; perhaps a bit dated but fits well actually. The encore is (of course) Horse with no name. All sung great.

After the show I line up and say hello to Gerry and Dewey and get some signatures for myself and for my friend John in the states. 

website :



signed flier

signed flier

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