The Zombies Manchester Bridgewater Hall 24 April

The Zombies Manchester Bridgewater Hall 24 April 2009

Went with David to the magnificent Bridgewater Hall to see the Zombies play their Odessey and Oracle show. David almost didn’t come; he hadn’t heard much by the Zombies; I persuaded him to come along.  The drive to Manchester took longer than usual; the traffic was terrible on the M62. However we arrived at around 6.30 with plenty of time to spare. 

We took our seats in the second row and the band took the stage shortly after 7.30. The first half was the Zombies touring band, which consists of Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Jim Rodford, Steve Rodford and Keith Airey. Keith hails from Sunderland and is an old friend from many years ago. The set consisted of Zombies and Colin Blunstone hits with Argent’s Hold your head up as a closer. All delivered excellently; Colin Blunstone’s voice is as exquisite as ever. I manage to say hello to Keith Airey as the band leave the stage; it must be almost 30 years since we last met.

The second set is what everyone has come for. The remaining members of the original band take the stage along with Keith who takes the guitar parts (the original guitarist died some years ago). This is one of four shows this year in which they are playing their classic Odessey and Oracle album in its entirety, using original instruments in order to recreate the original sound as far as they can. And it doesn’t disappoint. Each track sounds as it did when it was recorded. My own favourites are Rose for Emily and the classic Time of the Season. David declares it possibly the best concert he has ever been to; and I have to agree with him. Musically it can’t be faulted. Keith invites us back stage after the gig, and I have a chat with him about old times and meet Colin Blunstone and the band. We set off for the drive home and get back around 1.30am. A very special concert.


Set list:

First set: Selection of Zombies and Colin Blunstone hits; finishing with Argent’s Hold your head up.

Second set: entire Odessey and Oracle album: Care of Cell 44; A Rose for Emily; Maybe After He’s Gone; Beechwood Park; Brief Candles; Hung up on a Dream; Changes; I Want Her, She Wants Me; This Will Be Our Year; Butcher’s Tale; Friends of Mine; Time of the Season

Encores: Shes not there; Going out of me head; Summertime


Album info:






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  1. Posted by Peter Elliott on May 25, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    By and far the best gig I’ve ever been to as well. An extraordinary occasion I will cherish till my dying day… an immaculate performance. You missed out the first encore track which was “Tell Her No”. Sadly thanks to coach times and the gig starting 45 minutes later than advertised, I had to dash after “She’s Not There” so missed “Summertime”. Despite that, it was an honour and a privilege to witness this show.


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