Oasis Sunderland Stadium of Light 10 June 2009

Oasis Sunderland Stadium of Light 10 June 2009

So Oasis came to the Stadium of Light. This is the second concert at the Stadium after Take That kicked things off earlier in the week. A very different crowd (of course) for this one. Oasis are exactly the right working class heroes sort of band to come to Sunderland; and fit well with the ethos of the city. The stadium is chocca and trying to get to the bars for a drink proves an impossible obstacle course. We arrive as the Enemy are finishing and don’t get a chance to see them properly. Kasbian go  down well but the sound is pretty ropey from where we are sitting in the east stand.

Oasis take the stage just before nine and seem really up for it. The sound is loud but very clear. The set is the same as that which Laura and I saw at Sheffield last year. A good mix of old songs and new ones from the recent album. The crowd on the pitch looks pretty wild but there is no trouble (which many were fearing). Some beer and other things getting thrown around, but not a lot actually.  Oasis really were on top form tonight. We (me, Marie, Laura) enjoy it. It don’t get much better than this. Oasis remind me of the Who at their best in the 70s; it brings back memories of the two Charlton shows when the Who were on pretty top form. Same sort of solid guitar-based rock and great songs.

So a great start to concerts at the Stadium of Light. There is talk of more next summer. I can’t wait.





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