Fleet Foxes Newcastle Academy Sep 9 2009

Fleet Foxes Newcastle Academy Sep 9 2009
Laura and her friend Christina and I went to see Fleet Foxes at the Academy. Laura and David had heard quite abit of their material and had recommended them to me. A few people at work had also expressed interest in them. The stuff that I had heard reminded me of late 60s American folk rock; Crosby, Stills and Nash in particular, but you can also hear Simon and Garfunkel, the Zombies and Fairport Convention in there.
The Academy was packed when we arrived. This show had been sold out for weeks. The crowd was pretty mixed; for once I wasn’t the oldest person in the building. The support act were just finishing; they seemed OK.
Fleet Foxes came onstage around 9pm to a great roar from the crowd. Their strong harmonies sounded great live, but we all felt that this wasn’t the best venue for them. The acoustics aren’t great and the chatting of the crowd was in danger of drowning things in some of the quieter moments. They would be much better placed in the Sage or the City Hall. I didn’t know many of the songs; Laura and Christina seemed to know them (mental note: I must listen to current CDs more). We all enjoyed the show; please come back and play the Sage next time!



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