Madness Newcastle Academy 12 December 2009

Madness Newcastle Academy 12 December 2009

Madness. The Nutty Boys. The Toon. Saturday night. Lots of beer; some drunk; some thrown around. The Academy; packed and hot. Me and Laura standing at the back safe (and boring?) away from the crush. Lots of mddle aged men wearing a fez (or a pork pie hat). Black and white checks. Bootlace ties. Very loud. Lots of fun. Lots of dancing. Start off with One Step Beyond. Baggy trousers. House of Fun. Finish with Night Boat to Cairo. Great night; great fun.


One Step Beyond
The Prince
My Girl
Dust Devil
Sun & The Rain
Iron Shirt
Clerkenwell Polka
Bed & Breakfast Man
Shut Up
Forever Young
House Of Fun
Wings Of A Dove
Baggy Trousers
Our House
It Must Be Love

Tarzan’s Nuts
Night Boat To Cairo


I hate print-out tickets

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