Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Wembley Arena 21 May 2010

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood Wembley Arena London 21 May 2010

Two old friends together playing some great music and clearly having fun.
And we also had lots of fun too. Friday night and Clapton and Winwood take the stage together for the second of two nights in London. Its only a few months since I was sitting in the O2 seeing Clapton with Jeff Beck, and tonight I’m back again in the capital seeing another great guitar pairing. Tonight was very different to the Clapton/Beck show. For one thing Clapton and Winwood have a recording history together in terms of the Blind Faith album, much of which was played on Friday night. Also the two legends took the stage togther throughout (unlike the Clapton/Beck show where the two guitarists did their own sets and then came together at the end of the show). Anyway enough of comparisons; its not fair to make them; as I say; these shows were very different.
Last night was a real musical treat. These guys are playing better than ever. ‘m not sure I’ve ever see Clapton play better or seem more comfortable and relaxed on stage. And Steve Winwood’s sining was spot on. The last time I saw Steve at the Sage Gateshead I thought his voice was showing a little strain. Not last night. His vocals on Georgia were stunning, as was his guitar playing; some great swapping of licks between the two.
For me highlights were Pearly Queen (always loved the song), Georgia, Can’t find my way home, and Voodoo Chile. Clapton’s playing on Voodoo Chile was totally on the ball and the song brought the show to a great climax. Everyone was on their feet at the end and the band came back for an encore of Dear Mr Fantasy which is another personal favourite of mine. You don’t get much better concerts than this, certainly not in terms of muscianship. I would have liked to heard them do No Face No Name No Number which is on the live CD, but I guess you can’t always get everything you want.
I’m up at 5.30am again to get the first train back up north. I should be back home around 10am.

Set List:
Had To Cry Today
Low Down
After Midnight
Presence Of The Lord
The Shape I’m In
Well Alright
Tough Luck Blues
Pearly Queen
Forever Man
Midland Maniac
Going Down
Drifting Blues
How Long
Can’t Find My Way Home
Split Decision
Voodoo Chile
Dear Mr. Fantasy (encore)



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  1. I to attended this night and although I very much agree with you on the highlights I felt some of the gig was as low key and as tired as some of the audience on a wet and busy North London night end of tour date .But its good to read someone else’ s perspective but I felt parts of this gig paled compared to Jeff Beck a few weeks later who’s performance never flagged from beginning to end . Still I think this blog is something special. Both an archive of British concerts and a record of dedicated gig going . Well done sir keep enjoying the music . Craig Herts


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