Rod Stewart Newcastle Arena 18 May 2010

Rod Stewart Newcastle Arena 18 May 2010

I always try and get along to see Rod. I guess I’m looking for glimpses of Rod the Mod, and Rod and the Faces. He still has the rocker within him, but in recent years I do worry that it is becoming more and more submerged in middle of the roadness. So I nearly didn’t go this time, fearing that I might be disappointed and put off by the ticket price (£70). But a couple of days before I spotted a single ticket on eBay and nabbed it for £25 (result! Many thanks Andy from York). The Royal Mail didn’t let Andy and I down and, as planned, ticket arrived by special delivery on the morning of the show. So I was all set to go along.
I arrived at the arena just as Rod was due to take the stage. The place was packed; this guy can still draw the crowds. The first couple of songs, Love Train and Some guys have all the luck, set the tone for the night, which was a mixture of soul classics and Rod hits. These were all delivered faultlessly; Rod’s voice is still good, the band are excellent and the show is very slick. The crowd loved it. For me the highlights were the old ones: Handbags and Gladrags and Maggie May. I slipped out during the encores (Sailing; followed by Baby Jane) to beat the rush in the car park.
So I still got my glimpses of the old Rod; but fear that they are less and less each time. Will I go next time? Maybe.



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