Ian Hunter & the Rant Band Tyne Theatre 11 Oct 2010

Ian Hunter and the Rant Band Newcastle Tyne Theatre 11 Oct 2010
The Tyne Theatre was pretty full downstairs for Ian Hunter, with the circle around half full. Most of the audience seemed long time fans, sporting t-shirts from his many tours, with many Mott the Hoople at Hammersmith shirts on show.
Most of the set was Ian Hunter solo stuff, some of which I sort of recognised. But as we got to the end we got the real favourites: Walking with a Mountain, Sweet Jane, All the Way from Memphis, Roll Away the Stone, Saturday Gigs (we all sang along) and All the Young Dudes.
Setlist (something like): Sea Diver; Life After Death; Cleveland Rocks; Dancing on the Moon; Shallow Crystals; Irene Wilde; Arms and Legs; Flowers; Rain; River of Tears; Man Overboard; Wash Us Away; Walking With a Mountain; Michael Picasso; Sweet Jane
Encore: Somewhere; All the Way From Memphis; Boy
Encore 2: Roll Away the Stone; The Saturday Gigs ; All the Young Dudes

i hate printed tickets


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