Beady Eye Manchester Apollo 6 March 2011

Beady Eye Manchester Apollo 6 March 2011
Great gig. Miles Kane was a good support, his material sounding a little like last Shadow Puppets as you might expect. He did a great version of the Beatles’ Hey Bulldog.
Laura and I were upstairs in the circle, where the crowd seem a little more subdued than I had expected. Still there was some singing along to the tracks played over the sound system: Satisfaction, Revolution, Children of the Revolution, God Save the Queen, I can see for miles and I am the resurrection (lots of singing along for this one) were all blasted out to us before the main man took to the stage. Everyone was up for it, but not going mental (expect things were different downstairs). Liam had the usual swagger and was in great voice. The set was all new songs from the album, with no Oasis tracks. The new songs sounded great, and everyone around us knew all the words (we didn’t!). A lot has been said about the songs and many comparisons made with Oasis; to me some sounded great (The Roller, Four Letter Word, The Morning Son, Bring the Light) and the others were OK. The anthems are there, we just haven’t got used to them yet.
Four Letter Word
Beatles And Stones
For Anyone
The Roller
Wind Up Dream
Bring The Light
Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
Kill For A Dream
Three Ring Circus
Man Of Misery
The Beat Goes On
The Morning Son
Encore: Sons Of The Stage


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