Take That Stadium of Light Sunderland 31 May 2011

Take That Stadium of Light Sunderland 31 May 2011
This was the second time that Marie and I have been to see Take That at the Stadium of Light, the last time being during the Circus tour of a few years ago. We were expecting a very spectacular show which would live up to their last performance here, and were also looking forward to the added extra Mr Williams having rejoined the band. As we entered the stadium we could hear special guest The Pet Shop Boys finishing their set with West End Girls. This time round we had tickets which allowed us to stand on the pitch or take a seat in the lower tier. Having arrived late, there were no seats to be had, so the pitch it was. This was OK for me, but Marie couldn’t make out much of the stage from within the vast crowd.
The set was divided into four: Four lads (no Robbie) singing reunion material; then Robbie, then stuff from the new album; and finally material from the old days. The show was pretty spectacular, and the crowd reaction as mad as ever. Robbie has an ego and confidence never seen before in a human being! and he delighted the crowd. But we both felt that overall it wasn’t quite as good as last time. Difficult to put a finger on why. Perhaps this was because we were on the pitch rather than in the seats where we had a better view. It has to be said that shows like this are great for Sunderland, and the four Take That shows will have done a lot for the local economy. Roll on Kings of Leon in a couple of weeks. Guess that will be a different sort of show with a very different crowd.
Setlist: Rule The World; Greatest Day; Hold Up A Light; Patience; Shine; Let Me Entertain You; Rock DJ; Come Undone; Feel; Angels; The Flood; SOS; Underground Machine; Kidz; Pretty Things; Million Love Songs/Babe; Everything Changes/Back For Good; Pray; Love Love; Never Forget; No Regrets; Relight My Fire; Eight Letters



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