Crosby and Nash Sage Gateshead 9 Oct 2011

Crosby and Nash Sage Gateshead 9 Oct 2011
A great show, exquisite vocals, lovely harmonies and some excellent and loud rock guitar from a pair of legends. A long set with all the favourites: Eight Miles High, Wooden Ships, Our House, Marrakesh Express, Military Madness. Plus the Hollies’ Bus Stop which is one of my all time favourites songs. The encore was Teach Your Children. A great end to a great weekend, Dylan and Crosby and Nash in two days can’t be bad!
Setlist: Eight Miles High; I Used to Be a King; Long Time Gone; Marrakesh Express; Lay Me Down; Old Soldier; Just A Song Before I Go; Slice Of Time; Don’t Dig Here; Critical Mass; Wind On The Water; Almost Cut My Hair; Bus Stop; Our House; Guinnevere; In Your Name; Homeward Through the Haze; What Are Their Names?; They Want It All; Taken at All; Orleans; Cathedral; Deja Vu; Military Madness; Wooden Ships
Encore: Teach Your Children

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