The Specials Hull Arena 16 Oct 2011

The Specials Hull Arena 16 Oct 2011
I was looking forward to this. I haven’t seen The Specials since the early 80s! Hull arena is an ice rink down close to the docks. Last night it was full of 40 something rude boys and girls who had turned out to see their heroes. And they didn’t let us down. Everyone was up for dancing, and dance they did! The band came out to a video montage which took us through the years since The Specials last graced our stages. This started with Thatcher, And took us though the death of Diana, the Blair years, the millennium and on to the recent riots and Cameron. Pretty political stuff, but then The Specials always did mix politics with the music. Then it was into Gangsters and the place erupted. This took me back a good few years, i’d forgotten just how powerful they were. The set was long, which seemed to pass in a flash” stand outs for me were Rat Race, Too Much Too Young, Enjoy Yourself and first encore Ghost Town. Great stuff from a live band who on a good night like this can’t be matched. Then it was back into the car off to York, round the ring road and back up home through Middlesbrough. I was home around 1am.
Setlist: (have probably missed a few) Gangsters; Do the Dog; New Era; It’s Up to You; Monkey Man; Blank Expression; Too Hot; Doesn’t Make It Alright; Rat Race; Hey Little Rich Girl; Stupid Marriage; Concrete Jungle; International Jet Set; Friday Night, Saturday Morning; Do Nothing; Stereotype; Man At C&A; Pearl’s Cafe; A Message to You Rudy; Nite Klub; Too Much Too Young; Enjoy Yourself
Encore: Ghost Town


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