Bill Nelson in concert 1979 and 1981

Bill Nelson in concert 1979 and 1981
Bill Nelson’s next venture after Be Bop Deluxe was a band called Red Noise. The band released one lp and toured in 1979. The tour took in concert halls across the country, which was a little ambitious judging by the crowd at the Newcastle City Hall gig, where there were quite a few empty seats. Red Noise were Nelson’s attempt to join the new wave and use synthesisers, and it didn’t work that well. The music was not as accessible as Be Bop Deluxe, and I found the concert a little disappointing.I might have enjoyed the gig if I’d heard the album before the concert. Red Noise didn’t continue for long, before Bill went solo. He was back in the North East at a small cinema in Jesmond a couple of years later with a show entitle The Invisibility Exhibition. This show was very adventurous for the time and took the form of a multimedia event with poetry from Richard Jobson, The Yorkshire Actors, who I think performed a section from Beauty and the Beast, and some very intriguing music from Bill. The ticket also mentions David Claridge, who I don’t recall at all. I remember it as a quite strange, challenging yet very enjoyable show.
I lost touch with Bill Nelson, ad haven’t seen him in concert since, which I regret. I see that he does continue to perform with a Nelsonica festival event every year or so in Yorkshire. I must try to go along to it one year.

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