After the Fire October 1979

After the Fire October 1979
I saw After The Firs a few times in the 70s. The band formed in the early 70s as a progressive rock band, but by the time of this gig in 1979 they had moved to a more poppy new wave sound. I recall the song Laser Love, which was also the title of their lp of the time.
After The Fire were regulars at The christian-based Greenbelt festival throughout the 70s. Greenbelt ran on the same August bank holiday weekend as the Reading festival, which I always attended. However I’m pretty sure that they defected to Reading one year; think it was in the late 70s. They were also support act on a number of tours. I remember seeing them at a gig at Newcastle Polytechnic in 1977, supporting The Damned. Think that gig was cut short because the crowd were throwing bottles and glasses at The Damned. I found a programme and a copy of their fanzine Friends, in among my programme collection. I was surprised to find that they have reformed, are gigging again, and that there is now a Friends website, which is attempting to connect old fans who subscribed to the fanzine.I’m not sure I’m too impressed with the posing on the programme cover! I must take the time to read the Friends magazine, which I’m sure will bring back some memories. I’ve just read through the band biography on the Friends website. This band gigged a lot, and achieved a lot in the late 70s, including headlining The Rainbow Theatre, and touring Europe as support for ELO and for Queen.

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