The Heavy Metal Kids Gigs in the 70s and 2012

The Heavy Metal Kids Gigs in the 70s and 2012
I saw The latest incarnation of The Heavy Metal Kids supporting UFO at Newcastle Academy on Saturday. It made me think about all the times I saw the band in the past during the 70s, with the late great Gary Holton on vocals. One of the first times I saw them must have been supporting Nazareth at Newcastle City Hall in 1973. I know because I’ve just been looking through a Nazareth programme, to get ready for going to see that band on Tuesday in Newcastle. The pages I’ve scanned here come from the back of the Nazareth programme. I remember wondering who the totally mad, cocky, cockney was running around the stage. Looking back their music and their act bridged the worlds of glam and punk. They dressed the part, and were full of arrogance and cheek. They also had some pretty good songs; my favourites were Its The Same from the first lp, and the single She’s No Angel; I remember them playing it on Top of the Pops. For The Cops Are Coming they would stage a scene from a Keystone Cops movie, chasing each other around the stage. The Kids supported lots of bands in the 70s; I saw them as support for Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper and possibly a few others. I also saw them a few times on Friday rock nights in Sunderland Locarno and Newcastle Mayfair, and at the Reading Festival. they played a lot; I must have seen them a fair few times. They were always good fun, a good laugh, and some good rock n roll, but they never quite made the step up to major headliners. A much under rated, and almost forgotten band. If you get the chance, listen to their three albums. Rolling forward to 2012, the latest Heavy Metal Kids line-up consists of original members Cosmo on guitar, Ronnie Garrity on bass, Keith Boyce on drums and new guitarist/vocalist Justin McConville. I arrived late, and missed the first few numbers of the set. They put on a pretty good show, with some nifty guitar work from Cosmo, and strong vocals from Justin. Old Kids classics Chelsea Kids, Delirious and She’s No Angel were rolled out, and pretty good versions they were too. Listening to those songs again made me realise how punky they were. Good fun, and brought back memories of Gary Holton on stage. A big character; much missed. Thanks to Sir Bawls for the set list below. The Kids setlist at Newcastle 17th March 2012 was: Hangin’ On; Blow It All Away; Hit The Right Button; Chelsea Kids; A Hundred Skeletons; Whisky; Marseilles; Rock Candy (Montrose cover); She’s No Angel; Delirious. The line-up: Justin McConville – vocals & guitar; Cosmo – lead guitar; Ronnie Garrity – bass; Keith Boyce – drums.

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  1. Posted by Kendal on March 25, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    Ronnie Garrity ( Joe Elliott’s Down n Outz) has replaced Ronnie Thomas on bass!


  2. Posted by Dave Robinson on March 26, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    Seen the Kids with many line-ups and many lead singers but will never forget the late,great Gary Holton.
    Classic Rock magazine had him down as one of the greatest ever frontmen, and I would agree, as iv’e seem ’em all . Not many could control a crowd like Gary, and it has been recognised that he had a massive influence on the punk scene with members of The Damned, Sex Pistols and The Clash all admitting how much they got off on his antics
    How Holton and the rest of the band never became massive is one of life’s mysteries, as anyone who was around at the time will tell you, they were the only band worth watching between 74 and 77, Gawd bless ’em, and long may they continue…


    • Posted by vintagerock on March 26, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      I agree Dave. They were a great band, and paved the way for the Pistols, the Damned the Clash and many others. Gary was so fearless, authentic, and a great singer too. Happy days.


  3. Posted by Sir_Bawls on April 1, 2012 at 9:21 am

    The Kids setlist at Newcastle 17th March 2012 was:

    01. Hangin’ On
    02. Blow It All Away
    03. Hit The Right Button
    04. Chelsea Kids
    05. A Hundred Skeletons
    06. Whisky
    07. Marseilles
    08. Rock Candy (Montrose cover)
    09. She’s No Angel
    10. Delirious

    The line-up:

    Justin McConville – vocals & guitar
    Cosmo – lead guitar
    Ronnie Garrity – bass
    Keith Boyce – drums


  4. Posted by Neil Thompson on March 13, 2013 at 12:20 am

    Saw them on the ‘Sounds 50p tour’ (it’s got £1.10 crossed out and 60p written on the ticket!) – support from Nutz and a film of The Stones and Black Oak Arkansas. Nutz were brilliant as usual – The Heavy metal kids were incredible – Holton especially – what a performer – they were beating each other up on stage and at one point Holton dragged the keybord player off his keyboards and started whacking him with a big metal chain – mental – but brilliant.


  5. As them everywhere….marquee, roundhouse whenever and wherever…Gary and the kids were raving lunatic genius’s. best times of my life


  6. Never seen the kids except the real original band and don’t want too. There’s only 1 Gary Bolton and the heavy metal kids…no wannabes


  7. Remember the chain saw…????his head fell off!!!!!! Deb best


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