Nazareth 1973 Memories of great gigs

My first Nazareth encounter was at the Lincoln Great Western Festival in 1972. They came on early on the Saturday morning to a crowd just waking up. At that time they had just released their second album Exercises. I can’t remember a lot about their set that day, except that they seemed good and played a great version of Morning Dew. I must have seen them at least five times in 1973. They played Sunderland Locarno, when Broken Down Angel was in the charts. Razamanaz, an excellent lp, had just been released. Support came from Robin Trower, making it a pretty strong double bill. The programme to the right comes from that night; I think it was given away free at the gig. They were so good that night a few of us went to see them a couple of weeks later at Newcastle Mayfair on the same tour. I also saw them supporting Deep Purple at the City Hall around the same time. Later on in the year they were headlining their own tour of concert halls, with The Heavy Metal Kids support. I saw them at Newcastle City Hall on the tour. My ticket (6op!) and programme are here and below. By now Bad Bad Boy had also hit the charts, and the album Loud and Proud had been released. The band was really hot at the time. The set list featured Razamanaz, Alacatraz, Morning Dew, Vigilante Man (with great slide from Manny Charlton), Woke Up this Morning, This Flight Tonight, Bad Bad Boy and Broken Down Angel.I also saw them at the notorious 1973 Buxton festival, where it rained all day and the Hells Angel took control of the festival. The Angels were driving through the crowd on their bikes, and took to the stage while the bands were on. Highlights of the day were Alex Harvey, who jumped into the crowd to stop the Angels fighting, and Nazareth, with Dan McCafferty facing up to the angels, who came on stage and sand along with him. Pretty scary stuff at the time. I was to see Nazareth many more times through the rest of the 70s. They were always great; I never once saw them put on a poor show. I am focussing on Nazareth memories this week, as I’m going to see them again tonight at Newcastle Academy with my mate Norm. Can’t wait. More on Naz later.

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  1. Posted by Bill on January 4, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    I remember Gary Moore supporting them at the Mayfair in 1973. He was playing the most mind numbing self indulgent jazz-rock I have ever had the misfortune to be subjected to. Naz were great though.


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