Bo Diddley Sunderland 1982

Bo Diddley
Woooh Bo Diddley!!! I was lucky enough to see the great Bo Diddley when he came to town to play a gig at Close Encounters nightclub in 1982. Close Encounters was previously the BoilerMakers Club, a well known Sunderland workman’s club, and is now a venue for Sunderland University students. I’d seen the great man once before on a rock n roll bill with Carl Perkins in the 70s. Bo rocked the place, strutting his stuff with his famous red cigar box guitar, and treating us to such gems as Who Do You Love and Hey Bo Diddley. The place was packed and we all sang along. There was a good showing by local teds who turned up in force, all decked out in their drapes, and showing off some great rock n roll bopping. Support came from local blues acts Ray Stubbs and his Blues Band, and the Hokum HotShots, both of whom are still paying around their native North East.

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