Blue Oyster Cult Newcastle City Hall 1975 and 1978

Blue Oyster Cult Newcastle City Hall 1975 and 1978
I first went to see Blue Oyster Cult at Newcastle in 1975. This was their first UK tour and at the time, they were not very well known at all in this country. I went along, with my friend John, largely out of curiosity. I’d read a little about them in NME or Sounds, and had heard a few tracks somewhere. By 1975, BOC had released three albums, and their live set featured such classics as Harvester of Eyes and my all time favourite Last Days of May, which I still love and play to this day. Set list: Stairway to the Stars; OD’d On Life Itself; Harvester Of Eyes; Flaming Telepaths; Last Days Of May; Before The Kiss; Candy Store (Fill-in Jam); Cities On Flame; Maserati GT; Buck’s Boogie; Me262 (5 guitars); Hot Rails To Hell; Dominance & Submission. I remember much being made of a five guitar line up, and the show as being pretty good, with a half full hall being seriously impressed by this new band. Note the miss-spelling on the ticket! By 1978, when The Cult returned to the City Hall, they were much bigger news. They had released Agents of Fortune, and Spectres both of which were massive lp successes here in the UK. The single Don’t Fear the Reaper was played everywhere, and has since become their trademark. So this time the City Hall was sold out, and the concert was much anticipated. Nick Kent wrote in the NME: “See, the facts as I recognize ’em are clean-cut to a fine-boned T – the two kings of heavy metal rock in the world right now are Britain’s own Thin Lizzy and the U.S. Blue Öyster Cult.” I went along with a group of mates, all of us now being big BOC fans and they were just amazing. BOC were at the top of their game at this time, and the Newcastle crowd witnessed a great gig, and gave them a great reception. The show was much bigger than in 1975, with lazers, smoke and other pyrotechnics. In fact BOC were one of the first rock bands to make use of lazers, which seemed pretty exciting and dangerous for the times. Support came from Japan, in their pre-Ghost arty-rock era. They were hyped up quite a lot at the time, but were pretty disappointing on the night. The set list will have been something like: R.U. Ready 2 Rock; ETI; Harvester Of Eyes; We Gotta Get Out of This Place; Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll; Then Came The Last Days Of May; ME 262; Kick Out the Jams; Godzilla; This Ain’t the Summer of Love; 5 Guitars; Born To Be Wild. Encore: Hot Rails To Hell; (Don’t Fear) The Reaper. I’ve just found a flyer for the 1975 gig, with support act Birth Control. The flyer entitles me to 70p off On Your Feet or on Your Knees! from Virgin records. I wonder if its too late to cash it in? (Actually it is, the flyer says “offer closes 30 Nov 1975”. Shame).

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  1. Blue Oyster Cult

    I was at the 78 gig – they finished really late and we watched Don’t Fear the Reaper from the very back of the hall before legging it all the way to Central Station to catch the last train home. Also do you remember the paranoia among the bouncers about the lasers – they were really freaking out and making us sit down when the lasers came down into the audience!


  2. Posted by vintagerock on May 5, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Hi I can remember the lasers being quite simple, but don’t recall the bouncers reaction; my memory is not good. I do remember worrying myself that a laser might hurt my eyes. Think The Who also had early lasers at one of the Charlton concerts during Baba O’Reilly, which will have been before BOC.


  3. Posted by paul white on November 25, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    I was at the 78 gig and was blown way by the whole show, lasers and all. They quickly scheduled another gig a few months later did they not? I believe they recorded the next gig for possible use on their next live album. I was at that gig too and it was just as good as the first one.


  4. 1976 at the Commack Arena
    J Geils
    One of the last GEN ADM. Shows
    Those were the days a band could play late.
    Some idiot was tossing m 80’s down t o the floor. And Eric Bloom stopped the show,screamed to the crowd to kick the shit out of the people tossing the fireworks and the place went wild. He res targeted the show and they played into the wee hours.
    MEMORIES. AFTER seeing so many shows,i can’tenjoy any since everything is cut to shit and your lucky if they play an hour


  5. Posted by Ian Shipley on February 26, 2017 at 10:05 am

    I think I was at the second concert you mention. Wasn’t it recorded live with the track “We gotta get out of this place” recorded for the Some Enchanted Evenening album.
    Ive got some photos from the concert with the lasers visible. Great night.


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