Shift-Static The Cluny 2 Newcastle May 12th 2012

Shift-Static The Cluny 2 Newcastle May 12th 2012
So Shift-Static returned after a gig hiatus, the members regrouping from various corners of the UK to play a show in The Cluny 2, along with Houses, Baskin’s Wish, and Euan Lynn. A healthy crowd gathered to see this home gig, some having travelled especially for the show. Laura ventured from her normal situation behind keyboards, taking front of stage to deliver her haunting vocals. The set consisted of five songs, and lasted around 30 minutes, featuring some new tunes and one old favourite. Crowd members were shouting for recent online release Sky Burial, which proved to be a big hit. The songs are a sublime mix of electronica, dance, and guitar jangles, Gordon concentrating on the beats and the electrickery, Will on the jangle guitar, Charlie master of the samples and further beats, Joe pounding away on the rhythm bass, and Laura overlaying her textured, haunting vocals. The band received a well deserved positive reception from the assembled Cluny crowd, the new set hitting the right spot with everyone. Shift-Static next perform at Newcastle Miners Institute on Friday 25 May. Setlist: Intro; New Song; Father’s Footsteps; Five Bar Gate; Sky Burial.

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