Ian Brown Newcastle Academy 27 Sep 2007

Ian Brown Newcastle Academy 27 Sep 2007
To my deep regret I never got to see The Stone Roses. I somehow missed out on them altogether. They were around at a time when I was heavily into work and family things, and I wasn’t going to quite as many gigs as usual. The first time I saw Ian Brown was at Newcastle Academy with Laura and David in 2007. The place was packed and I was knocked out by the show and the crowd reaction. I hadn’t realised what a great performer Ian is, and how many people regard him as a legend and hero. Laura was particularly excited to see Andy Rourke from the Smiths in the band. Setlist (from Ian Brown forum): Corpses; Dolphins; Golden Gaze; TIME; Lovebug; Sweet Fantastic; Destiny; On Track; Goodbye To The Broken; Sister Rose; Longsight; KWYG; My Star; Resurrection; Baby Free; World is Yours (With Fools Gold intro); FEAR; Sister Rose. Laura and I have seen Ian at Newcastle City Hall since this gig, and were once again impressed by his performance. We are finally getting to see the Stones Roses when they play at Heaton Park on July 1st. We are both really excited and looking forward to it.

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