Bread (David Gates)

Bread (David Gates)
Bread have some pretty top songs. I remember being very excited about getting the chance to see them when they came to Newcastle City Hall in 1978. Marie and I went along and were just overwhelmed by those beautiful songs: “Make It with You”, “Everything I Own”, “Baby I’m-a Want You”, “If”, “Guitar Man”; each one a classic. The band were back again in 1980. Looking back at the tickets form those gigs tells its own story. The 1978 gig was billed as “David Gates and Bread”. However, by 1980 the ticket read: “David Gates, Larry Knechtel, Michael Botts and guests”. This was as a result of a dispute over use of the name “Bread”. The truth is that all of those great songs were written by David Gates, so as long as David was in the line up a great concert was guaranteed. David continues as a solo artist and came to Newcastle Tyne Theatre around 10 years ago. The concert was good, and covered all the classics as anticipated, although David’s set was quite short (and the tickets relatively expensive).

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  1. Posted by Malc Searles on July 23, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    The dispute was with co-founder James Griffin… not Robb Royer (who had bowed out back in .71)


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