Eric Clapton Newcastle City Hall 1978

Eric Clapton Newcastle City Hall 1978
Support from Muddy Waters
Clapton was back in Newcastle one year from his last visit, this time with the legendary Muddy Waters as special guest. I was excited about seeing Clapton, but was perhaps even more excited about seeing Muddy Waters, who had truly legendary status. Muddy Waters seemed an old guy to me at the time, although he was actually only 63, which is not much that much older than I am now. I remember him singing his classic songs, including “Hoochie Coochie Man”. Clapton released a clutch of albums during the mid 70s, and new songs like “Wonderful Tonight” were becoming part of the set. He was still playing a lot of blues, which is what he is best at. Looking at set lists for the tour it seems he was opening with “Layla” on most nights, which was an interesting choice for a first song. A recording exists of the concert which shows the setlist as: Layla; Worried Life Blues; Wonderful Tonight; If I Don’t Be There By Morning; Double Trouble; I’ll Make Love to You Any Time; Badge; Key to the Highway; Cocaine; Blues Jam #1 (Tore Down); Blues Jam #2 (Standing Around Crying, Long Distance Call).  Clapton’s band for this tour were a small tight unit of Dick Sims – Keyboard; Carl Radle – Bass; and Jamie Oldaker – Drums.

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  1. One of my first attempts at concert photography with my Dad’s old Halina!!

    Eric Clapton

    Muddy Waters

    I met Muddy outside the stage door before the gig. I was standing there hoping to bump into Eric when a car pulled up. An old black man got out and shuffled over to the stage door and knocked on it. He said “good evening” and I smiled back at him. The stage door opened and stage manager Colin Rowell said “Hello Muddy” and he disappeared inside. It was at that point I realized who it was!!!!!

    I did get to shake his hand on stage as we were in the front row!!!

    He didn’t come on stage with Clapton but a couple of his band did – Colin Rowell (again) told me that he was out the door and in his car back to the hotel the second he came off stage. We waited again for Clapton outside after the gig. At one point a man wearing a parka with the hood up came out of the area behind the hall, he crossed the road to a waiting car and me and my mate shouted “Goodnight Eric” – his step faltered slightly but he continued. We went home after that


    • Posted by vintagerock on June 29, 2012 at 8:31 am

      Hi Kevin many thanks Your photos bring the memories flooding back as does your mention of Colin Rowell who I used to often chat to. I haven’t seen Colin for years. I wonder what he is up to now Thanksagain Peter


  2. Posted by Keith Gray on March 11, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    The ticket didn’t tell you who was the support act, so I was in the bar downstairs, when I heard the voice of Muddy Waters!!! Imagine my surprise – and the speed with which I took my seat!


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