Ry Cooder Newcastle City Hall 1982

Ry Cooder Newcastle City Hall 1982
Ry Cooder is, of course, a legend who has played with so many greats, including The Rolling Stones, Captain Beefheart, and Eric Clapton. This 1982 gig was the only time that I saw him in concert. The 1982 UK tour was to promote the Slide Area album. I recall this as a good gig, but I knew very little of Ry’s material. The new album featured all Ry Cooder originals, and much of the set was drawn from it. I also recall that the ticket price of £5 seemed expensive at the time. The programme states: “Ry Cooder continues as one of the most loving and inventive practitioners of modern music. Without a doubt, Ry Cooder is one of America’s most precious natural resources”. Band: Baboo on percussion; Jim Dickinson on piano; Chris Ethridge on bass; Jim Keltner of drums; Smitty Smith on keyboards; and Willie Greene, Bobby King and Pico Payne on backing vocals. A bootleg of the Hammersmith Odeon show of the same tour shows the setlist as: Little Sister; Go Home Girl; Smack Dab in the Middle; Denomination Blues; Down in the Boondocks; Fool about a Cigarette; Feeling Good; How can a Poor Man stand such Times and Live; I’m Not Worried; Its All Over Now; Blue Suede Shoes; Which Came First; If Walls Could Talk; I’m Drinking Again; The Very Thing that makes you Rich; Never Make your Move too Soon; Crazy ’bout an Automobile; Down in Hollywood; Chain Gang.

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  1. Posted by Graham Rodger on January 31, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Saw Ry Cooder with Nick Lowe (half of Little Village) a few years ago at Sage Gateshead. The show was fantastic, but compared to your (fiver each) tickets, mine were £50 each – ten times as expensive, worth every penny though. Electric version of “Vigilante Man” was truly amazing. Joachim Cooder on drums and percussion too.


    • Posted by vintagerock on February 1, 2015 at 9:41 am

      Thanks Graham. I missed that gig, which I regret. Yes I can imagine Vigilante Man being excellent. Great stuff. Cheers Peter


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