Classix Nouveaux, Theatre of Hate Newcastle Mayfair 1981

Classix Nouveaux, Theatre of Hate, Fad Gadget & Shock
Newcastle Mayfair 26th March
This tour was billed as The 2002 Review, and was a package tour of bands under the “new romantic” banner. I guess 2002 was chosen as a “futuristic’ date. It certainly seemed a long way in the future at the time! “During the early part of 1981 the band (Classix Nouveaux) established their following with two major UK tours. The first was the much publicised 2002 Review which sprang from Sal Solo’s idea of combining a number of promising new bands in one package. This gave national exposure to Kirk Brandon’s Theatre of Hate and Shock” (from Classix Nouveaux were formed from the ashes of X-Ray Spex plus shaven headed singer Sal Solo (great name). Theatre of Hate were fronted by Kirk Brandon, later of Spear of Destiny, and were much punkier that the headliner. Fad Gadget (Francis John (Frank) Tovey) was a synth-based musician and early proponent of industrial music. I don’t recall anything about the band Shock. I remember enjoying Theatre of Hate who delivered a very powerful set with great passion from Kirk Brandon. I was also impressed by Classix Nouveaux, whose set was quite dramatic, and Sal Solo a great, charismatic frontman. Great value; all for £3!

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  1. Posted by Tyrell corpse on June 14, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Strangely, I remember a bit of Shock’s dance group act: mostly a final chant from their singer, repeating “Shock! Shock! Shock!” to muted applause – but remember nothing at all of Classix Nouveux. I was on the balcony at that point, as me and mates were there for ToH. They didn’t let us down – Kirk so full of emotion and their heavy power: “Legion” their single stood out most – Kirk’s original sounding voice and great guitar work made it a truly great number. I remember jumping up on stage at one point from the front row,but got such a heavy handed push from one of the roadies that kept me in my place from then on! Just one point of contention: I think you mean the “Futurist” sub-category that the music press was trying to build at the time, not New Romantic (!!).


  2. Posted by martin on July 5, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    fad gadget had pulled out and naked lunch and blancmange filled in for fad


  3. Posted by Henry Huff on February 14, 2019 at 8:57 pm

    Yes I went to this concert. I can remember Blancmange as they were just having their hit I think. ToH were very very good – I can picture guitarist with his big white guitar.. I wasn’t a CN fan but they were also very good – you couldn’t take your eyes off the lead singer. Think I was on the balcony.


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