Darts Newcastle Polytechnic late 70s

Darts Newcastle Polytechnic
Programme is from March 9th 1978
A night with Darts in the late 70s was guaranteed to be fun filled. These guys were crazy and did great versions of all those rock n roll and doo wop classics. Marie and I used to quite often frequent Newcastle Poly dance on a Friday night, sometimes just turning up without knowing who was playing. Darts played there a few times during that period. Darts formed from the remnants of Rocky Sharpe and the Razors and John Dummer’s Blues Band, and built up a strong live following from relentless gigging up and down the country playing pubs, ballrooms and university student unions. This band were a whole lot of fun with great harmonies, and a very intricate and well choreographed stage show. Records such as Daddy Cool were OK as were their TV appearances, but they just didn’t come close to how good this band was live. Put Darts in front of a packed crowd of students late on a Friday night, with beer flowing, and a good time was definitely had by all. Darts line up was Rita Ray, vocals; Den Hegarty, vocals; Horatio Hornblower, sax; Griff Fender, vocals; Bob Fish, vocals; Thump Thomson, bass guitar; John Dummer, drums; George Currie, lead guitar and Hammy Howell, piano.

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