Kiki Dee Middlesbrough Town Hall 1976

Kiki Dee Middlesbrough Town Hall 1976
Support from Vapour Trails and Blue
1976 was a big year for Kiki Dee. She stayed at the No 1 spot in the charts for several weeks, with her deut with Elton John: “Don’t go breaking my heart”. I guess it was that success that drew me and my mate Ian to this gig at Middlesbrough Town Hall. A group of us also saw her support Queen at their free concert in Hyde Park of the same year. She dueted with a cardboard cut-out of Elton at that gig! The Town Hall was sold out for this concert, and Kiki took us through her hit singles and a selection of album tracks. She was on Elton’s Rocket Records at the time, and enjoying great success, at a level that she had never reached during the 60s. Kiki is an artist with a massive musical track record, and their is a great depth to her career. From 60s Northern Soul classics such as “Why don’t I run away from you?” through the beautiful and soulful “Amoureuse”, via the pop delights of “Don’t go breaking my heart” to the more rocky “I’ve got the music in me”, this northern lass is some class act. Although I’m not familiar with her more recent material with Carmello Luggeri, their website suggests that their new music is equally eclectic and interesting. Anyway, back to the 1976 Middlesbrough gig. It is “Amoureuse” that sticks in my mind as a memory of that night. It was a beautiful song then, and remains so to this day. I haven’t seen Kiki in concert since that night. She is another act to add to my list of people I would like to see again. Vapour Trails were Kiki’s backing band at the time, and support for this tour came from Blue, who are not to be mistaken for the more recent boy band. This Blue were formed and fronted by ex-Marmalade guitarist Hugh Nicholson, and had a great debut single “Little Jody” and a chart hit with “Gonna Capture Your Heart”, and were pretty good.

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