Duran Duran Newcastle City Hall 1981

Duran Duran Newcastle City Hall 1981
I first came across Duran Duran when they supported Hazel O’Connor on her Breaking Glass tour at Newcastle City Hall. It was clear then that this was a band with a strong image and some great pop songs with catchy hooks, which transcended the New Romantic tag which they had. A year later they were back with their own headlining tour. I remember being surprised at the time at how quickly this new band had risen to headline status. They had released three singles in quick succession: Planet Earth, Careless Memories and Girls of Film, but I still doubted that they could fill the City Hall. But the gig was full; Duran Duran had already started to build their own strong following.
Their short set on this, their first UK tour, featured the new album and a cover or two. I remember being very impressed by them, and by Simon Le Bon in particular. They were much more than a group of pretty boys, they were a great live band, on their first major tour, and clearly enjoying their new success. It was obvious that they were going to be very big.

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