Ray Davies Sage Gateshead 2 Oct 2012

Ray Davies Sage Gateshead 2 Oct 2012
Went along to see Ray Davies, who was back at the Sage Gateshead last night. I arrive late, missing the support, and just before Ray took to the stage. The set contained a mix of well know Kinks classics, and some lesser know songs including Misfits, Muswell Hillbilly, Oklahoma USA and Full Moon, which were a change from Ray’s usual form and a nice surprise. The format of the show was similar to last time I saw Ray. He started with himself and a guitarist, bit on acoustic guitars, and then after several songs, his band joined him. All the well known songs were played: Where Have All The Good Times Gone; Dedicated Follower Of Fashion; Sunny Afternoon (which he told us he first performed in Sunderland!); See My Friends (still my favourite Kinks song); I’m Not Like Everybody Else; Autumn Almanac; Waterloo Sunset; Victoria; All Day & All Of The Night; Lola. Seeing Ray is always great. I’ve seen him quite a few times over recently, and still enjoyed it. In fact the change in setlist made last night even more enjoyable. But I still feel a little sadness that there is no sign of a Kinks reunion. Seeing Ray reminds me how great the Kinks were, and how wonderful it would be to see Dave and Mick up there beside him.
Postcript. I have added below scans of earlier gigs where we have seen Ray Davies. These include three shows at the The Tyne Theatre and another show at the Sage. All these shows were great fun, with quite similar setlists.

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  1. Posted by tony on October 3, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    I don’t know what show you were at, I witnessed one of the biggest shambles of performing history. The whole event was cringe-worthy from start to finish, from Ray’s terrible get up; silk shirt and trainers. Also, the sound, rays voice was stretched well beyond its comfort zone and his band was dynamically all over the place with the exception of his lead guitarist. The whole night felt like a Saturday night in a council estate working men’s club. Light years away from my previous outing to the sage where I experienced a rare treat, Dr John. I just hope Chris Barber makes up for my anguish, at least the audience wont be singing every chorus in a football crowd style.


  2. Posted by kh on October 5, 2012 at 10:24 am

    I agree with the original post and cannot agree with the above response at all…..Ray does not have the perfect voice and at times his voice struggled on some songs, but on others it was beautiful. Ray is a guy in his late sixties, if he likes to wear trainers for comfort when performing for ninety minutes then so what, was easy for you to point and pick fault while sat back in your comfy seat. This is what really gets me about the Sage….you get loads of people who go who aren’t even fans of the act on stage. Kink fans love to sing along, Ray wanted the audience to participate, and always does. It was clear that there were a lot of people there who enjoyed tht and many who didn’t. This creates as really odd atmosphere at nearly all gigs at the Sage which is a shame and I know many people (fans and artists alike) who are put off by it. Ray performed really well, loved the mix of hits and obscure tracks. I thought the mix between just Ray and the guitarist playing together and the band joining was nice, the band were good, if not a little loose at times. Overall really enjoyable, just a shame it was at the Sage with that regularly odd mixture of fans and others who just seem to go to everything but be miserable and grumble. Ray 9/10, the venue, 2/10.


  3. Posted by tony on October 17, 2012 at 8:17 am

    Ahh, the beauty of subjectivity. I had no desire to offend anyone, I just thought I was part of a democracy. Also you might find that I have been to the venue before and have thoroughly enjoyed many performances. Being a true lover of the Kinks I had some romantic vision of Davies in his heyday and thought it maybe rekindled. Instead it was Dr naff. Also the book reading was self indulgent tripe and had no place in a live musical performance, unless specified. Also it must be nice to be so easily pleased from your comfy seat.


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