Doll by Doll in the late 70s

Doll by Doll in the late 70s
Doll by Doll were an intriguing band. Led by the late and sadly missed Jackie Leven, Doll by Doll surfaced around the time of punk, but their music was much deeper than the punk moniker suggests. One of my mates was raving about their first album, so I went to see them when they played at Middlesbrough Rock Garden, think it was around 1979. I also seem to recall seeing them as a support act at Newcastle City Hall, I think it was in the same year, on a Hawkwind tour. They are worthy of mention, as looking back, it is clear that they were a pretty significant, and very under-rated band. Jackie Leven came from a folk-roots background and blended this with psychedelia, some great guitar, and smattering of punk. The first album, Remember, is pretty special, and unlike anything else around at the time. Although I didn’t recognise Doll by Doll as anything particularly special when I saw them, I had their first album and played it quite often, and now realise just how unique the band were. “There are spiritual story tellers and there are soulful story tellers. I hope to be a soulful story teller. I see the two kinds as two different directions. Spiritual is ascending. Sky, God and all that. I hope my story telling is going down into the earth, is wetter, has more moisture.” Jackie Leven.

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  1. Weird synchronicity that you should post this this morning as another friend puton Facebook last night that he was having a Jackie Leven evening last night.

    I saw Doll by Doll at that Hawkwind gig too as well as at Reading that year and Gateshead Stadium a while later. I honestly don’t remember going to see Hawkwind after the Hawklords tour but apparently I did!!


  2. Posted by vintagerock on October 6, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    I was also at Reading that year and at the Rock on the Tyne gig . I’d forgotten about seeing Doll by Doll on those occasions
    Thanks for the reminder Peter


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