Radiohead Manchester Arena Oct 6th 2012

Radiohead Manchester Arena Oct 6th 2012
Went to see Radiohead last night at Manchester Arena. It was a great gig; Laura thought it was the best gig she has ever been to :). Last night I started to “get” Radiohead, after some time of sitting on the fence wondering why all my family rave about them. I’ve seen them twice before, both in massive open air venues (Edinburgh Meadowbank, Lancashire Cricket Ground) and it all passed me by at those gigs. The sound wasn’t great at those big shows and we were some way from the stage. Last night was different. Laura and I had great seats (bought through WASTE; many thanks) in the front row of the first side block, just to the left of the stage. We arrived around 7pm to collect our wrist bands from the Waste area outside the arena, had a look at the merchandise (Laura bought a vinyl copy of King of Limbs, and I bought a badge: no programmes 😦 ), and took our seats around 8.15pm, having missed support act Caribou, who Laura told me good things about. Radiohead took to the stage shortly before 9pm. From the start I found myself being transfixed by Thom Yorke, who was whirling about, arms flailing and just took command of the audience. Although to my shame, none of the material was familiar to me (unlike Laura who knew every line of every song) I could appreciate the beauty and complexity of the songs this time. The light show was also just amazing, with individual screens moving up and down from the roof. The sound was crisp and clear from where we sat, perhaps the best I have heard for a large arena gig. It was Thom Yorke’s birthday and at one point the crowd sang Happy Birthday to him. Truly a great gig. Next time I really must get into their material so I know the songs which, I guess, would help me fully get into Radiohead. Setlist: Lotus Flower; Airbag; Bloom; The Daily Mail; Myxomatosis; The Gloaming; Separator; These Are My Twisted Words; Pyramid Song; Nude; Weird Fishes/Arpeggi; Reckoner; There There; The National Anthem; Feral; Paranoid Android. Encore 1: You and Whose Army? (Crowd sing Happy Birthday to Thom); Full Stop; Morning Mr. Magpie; Planet Telex; How to Disappear Completely. Encore 2: Give Up the Ghost; Everything In Its Right Place. Encore 3: Idioteque.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Terry on October 7, 2012 at 8:57 am

    Best gig I’ve been to too. Awesome band!!


  2. Posted by Lango142 on October 7, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Travelled up from cambridge to see radiohead for the first time….I can only say it was mesmerising and absolutely fantastic best gig I’ve been too!


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