Bob Dylan Birmingham NEC 1981

Bob Dylan Birmingham NEC 1981
Dylan returned to the UK in 1981, playing two nights at Birmingham NEC, and several at Earls Court which was the venue of his 1978 triumph. I bought two tickets for the Birmingham gig, but none of my mates fancied coming along. So I drove down to Birmingham on my own, and swapped my two not so good seats for one ticket in the front block. I was still around 20 rows from the front, but hey that was a lot better view than at the back of Earls Court or sitting among 250,00 people at Blackbushe. By 1981 Dylan was heavily into religion and some of the new songs reflected this. However, there were still quite a few Dylan classics in the set. I enjoyed being relatively close to the great man for the first time. It wasn’t the best time I have seen Bob, but nonetheless was a good gig. After the gig I made the 200 mile drive home. I recall witnessing an awful mutli-car pile up on the M6, which really shook me up. Setlist: Gotta Serve Somebody; I Believe In You; Like a Rolling Stone; Till I Get It Right; Man Gave Names to All the Animals; Maggie’s Farm; Girl From the North Country; Ballad of a Thin Man; Simple Twist of Fate; Watered Down Love; Slow Train; Lenny Bruce; Mr. Tambourine Man; Solid Rock; Just Like a Woman; Heart of Mine; What Can I Do for You?; Masters of War; When You Gonna Wake Up?; In the Garden; City of Gold; It Ain’t Me, Babe; Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

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