Bob Dylan Newcastle Arena 22nd June 2004

Bob Dylan Newcastle Arena 22nd June 2004
I’ve got a couple more Dylan concerts to cover after this, and then I will have blogged on all of my Dylan concert experiences. I figured Dylan is of such legendary stature that I really need to say something about each time I have experienced him in concert, but to be honest I’m finding it difficult, as the concerts have started to blend together in my memory. This is particularly true of the Newcastle Arena gigs, as I’ve seen Bob 5 time at that venue. Anyway here goes: Dylan was back at Newcastle Arena in 2004. David and I had good seats, in the second row, but a little too much to the side. This was a classic Dylan concert, one of the best times I’ve seen him. He was singing great, and the sound was really clear. I remember that the highlight for me was This Wheels on Fire, which I hadn’t seen him sing before, and it was a truly great rendition of the song. Setlist: Seeing The Real You At Last; Tell Me That It Isn’t True; Lonesome Day Blues; Under The Red Sky; Cold Irons Bound; Ring Them Bells; Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum; This Wheel’s On Fire; Highway 61 Revisited; The Lonesome; Death Of Hattie Carroll; Bye And Bye; Honest With Me; Masters Of War; Summer Days; If Not For You; Like A Rolling Stone; All Along The Watchtower

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