The Exploited Middlesbrough Town Hall 1981

The Exploited Middlesbrough Town Hall 1981
This gig was in Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt, which is a small hall underneath the main hall. The Exploited came out of Scotland, enthused by the music of the Sex Pistols and The Clash, and developed their own style of hardcore, fast punk rock, with highly political lyrics. This gig was in their early days, at the time of their Punks Not Dead album. It was a strange gig, as singer Watty was not well so guitarist Big John asked if any of us could sing and knew the lyrics. A member of the crowd got up on stage, and he and Big John shared vocals for the show. The Exploited released a live album around this time, I’ve included the track list here to show their setlist of the period: Cop Cars; Crashed Out; Dole Q; Dogs Of War; Army Life; Out Of Control; Ripper; F*** The Mods; Exploited Barmy Army; Royalty; S.P.G.; Sex And Violence; Punks Not Dead; I Believe In Anarchy.

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  1. I remember this show well – I sang The Damned’s New Rose on one of the encores. I remember Big John said ‘you with the big mouth get up here and sing New Rose’, so I did! It was surreal looking down at the audience. Infa Riot supported them. Both bands were well received by the crowd.


  2. Posted by Paul Fox (( Foxy)) on January 18, 2014 at 3:36 am

    One of my first ever gigs,enjoyed the music but we’ll peed off that Watty was not on stage,I am sure he had his tongue bit by some girl fan ,proberbly a good reason for not singing.
    But yes remember this one and been only 16 living in Billingham the Crypt and Rock garden were the places to be.


  3. They were important British homegrown reggae band. Regards thim


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