Fleetwood Mac Manchester Arena 3 Dec 2003

Fleetwood Mac Manchester Arena 3 Dec 2003
Say You Will Tour
By 2003 it had been a long time since I had last seen Fleetwood Mac, and I was keen to do so again. I was a little frustrated when they announced a UK tour and I saw that they were playing Newcastle, which was a local gig for me, on the same night as I had tickets to see David Bowie at The Point in Dublin. Not to be put off, I quickly decided to buy tickets for David and I to go and see the Mac at the MEN Arena in Manchester. David was studying in Leeds at the time, so I arranged to meet up with him and we went off to Manchester together.
I remember the tickets for this gig were pretty expensive, and we decided to buy cheaper seats, which meant we were at the back of the arena and our view wasn’t great. Nevertheless we both enjoyed the gig which was a true greatest hits set. By this point Christine McVie had retired, which meant that some of the songs which she sang were dropped from the set, but the Mac train rolls on. Sadly for me this time round there were no songs from the early Mac days. The thing that we both remember most from that gig was the drum solo that Mick Fleetwood did, part of which involved him playing his waistcoat which had electronic drum pads built in; I kid you not! Its funny what sticks in your mind. I was to see Fleetwood Mac again 6 years later at Sheffield Arena, which I have already blogged on. There are rumours (no pun intended) of a Mac tour next year. Hope it happens. Setlist: The Chain; Dreams; Eyes of the World; Peacekeeper; Second Hand News; Say You Will; Never Going Back Again; Rhiannon; Come; Gypsy; Big Love; Landslide; Say Goodbye; What’s the World Coming To; Beautiful Child; Gold Dust Woman; I’m So Afraid; Silver Springs; Stand Back; Tusk; Go Your Own Way. Encore: World Turning; Don’t Stop. Encore 2: Goodbye Baby


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