Focus Newcastle Mayfair 1976

Focus Newcastle Mayfair 1976
Jan Akkerman left on the eve of Focus’ 1976 UK tour. His last minute replacement was Belgian jazz-fusion guitarist Philip Catherine. Marie and I had been planning to go along to see them at Newcastle Mayfair, and to be honest, we hesitated and thought twice before attending. I just couldn’t imagine how Focus could continue without Jan Akkerman; he was such an important part of the band. However, several bands have continued successfully after the departure of a key member; Genesis, Deep Purple come to mind for example. So we did go along to the gig, to see what the new version of Focus were like. A respectable crowd turned out that night, but the place was by no means full. The concert was great, and the new guitarist was a fine replacement. However, Focus were soon to disband. However before they did they recorded one further album, “Focus con Proby” along with singer P J Proby. This was an unlikely pairing, and the album did not sell well. Focus were to lie dormant for many years until Thijs reformed the band in more recent times. Today they tour the UK pretty regularly; I’ve blogged on them a couple of times in the last couple of years. I really must try and find a copy of Focus con Proby on ebay; I’d love to hear what it sounds like.

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  1. hi I remember this gig particularly as philip catherine really impressed me by continuing un perturbed when strings broke on his guitar during a solo.
    still absolutely loving the blog and look forward to every new post.



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