Genesis Reunion 2007 Old Trafford Manchester

Genesis Reunion 2007 Old Trafford Manchester
genesistix2007 In 2007 the rumours finally became true and the Genesis reunion tour was confirmed. There had been a lot of speculation to suggest that Pete Gabriel would be joining the band, but sadly that wasn’t to be. However I was still very excited at the prospect of seeing the band again after all those years. I’d missed a couple of opportunities to see Genesis during the 90s. I’d planned to go to Knebworth in 1992 and to the Calling All Stations tour in 1998 but ultimately didn’t make either gig. So I was determined to see them, and bought tickets for the Old Trafford gig of the reunion tour. Marie came along and we stayed in a hotel right next to the stadium. genesisreunionprog The set was a mix of tracks from throughout their career, and I was pleased to see the inclusion of I Know What I Like. Setlist: Behind the Lines; Duke’s End; Turn It On Again; No Son of Mine; Land of Confusion; In the Cage; The Cinema Show; Duke’s Travels; Afterglow; Hold On My Heart; Home By The Sea; Second Home by the Sea; Follow You Follow Me; Firth of Fifth; I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe); Mama; Ripples…; Throwing It All Away; Domino; Los Endos; Tonight Tonight Tonight; Invisible Touch. Encore: I Can’t Dance; The Carpet Crawlers


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  1. I was at this one with the wife. Great stage set (features in the excellent ‘Live in Rome’ DVD) and, as you say, a wide mix of tracks which was a good representation of their career catalogue (except for CAS). Very enjoyable, I thought that Phil Collins really led the line well, although it would have been brilliant if Peter Gabriel had sang a couple of numbers.


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