It Bites North East gigs in the 1980s

It Bites North East gigs in the 1980s
itbites2 Yesterday I wrote about the Icicle Works. In my mind I have It Bites catalogued alongside them. They were both bands that I was quite keen on in the 1980s, saw quite a few times with mates, and yet I’ve lost touch with them since. Their musical styles were quite different however. It Bites were much more straightforward rock, albeit on the progier side of classic rock. itbites1 I saw them headline two or three times in the 80s, and also recall seeing them support Robert Plant at Newcastle City Hall. Their hit single Calling All The Heroes, and an earlier single All in Red were great favourites of mine at the time. The band has recently reformed and I caught the end of their set at the Prog Rock festival at the Magnum Centre a few weeks ago. Their music is an interesting mix of rock, pop, prog with a tinge of funk, and they hail from neighbouring Cumbria.

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