Oasis, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, 13th July 2005

Oasis, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, 13th July 2005
oasisprogThe next time I saw Oasis was at Newcastle Arena in July 2005. They were on tour to promote their album “Don’t Believe the Truth” and called at Newcastle for two nights; Tuesday 12th July and Wednesday 13th July. The rest of the tour saw them selling out massive stadiums: three nights at the City of Manchester Stadium, two nights at Milton Keynes National Bowl and shows at Hampden Park, Glasgow and Southampton Rose Bowl. So the Newcastle concerts were small gigs in comparison and tickets sold out immediately. I went to concert on the second night at the venue.
It was a red hot summer night and the place was jam packed. The heat in the arena was stifling, and Oasis came on stage to one of the biggest roars I’ve ever heard. I was with David; we had standing tickets, and managed to get ourselves right into the thick of the crowd; everyone around us was going totally crazy. Oasis, and Liam in particular, were on excellent form. This gig was so much better than the first time I saw them at the Reebok Stadium; it wasn’t that the band were playing any better, but the sound was much clearer, louder and the atmosphere in the middle of the arena was much more exciting than it can ever be when you are standing up on the terraces at the back of a stadium. The set included the hits and tracks from the new album. They closed with an excellent version of the Who’s My Generation, showing their classic rock roots. Great stuff.
Jonjo McNeill summed it up well in a review of the time: “every single person in that room was part of the band tonight, every single one a Rock N Roll Star, and that’s why Oasis will always be the Best Band in the World to me” (Jonjo McNeill, PennyBlackMusic, 2005).
Setlist: Turn Up the Sun; Lyla; Bring It on Down; Morning Glory; Cigarettes & Alcohol; The Importance of Being Idle; Little By Little; A Bell Will Ring; Acquiesce; Songbird; Live Forever; Mucky Fingers; Wonderwall; Champagne Supernova; Rock ‘n’ Roll Star. Encore: Guess God Thinks I’m Abel; The Meaning of Soul; Don’t Look Back in Anger; My Generation (The Who cover)

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  1. Posted by dawn on February 19, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    Great music but never seen Gallagher brothers as Oasis perhaps one day they might reform.


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