REM London Hammersmith Apollo 19 February 2005

REM London Hammersmith Apollo 19 February 2005
REMprogI was late getting into REM, and didn’t go to see them until 2005. By then drummer Bill Berry had left the band and they were a core three piece of Peter Buck on guitar, Mike Mills on bass and Michael Stipe on vocals. Their 2005 word tour was to promote their 13th album “Around the Sun”. The tour called at arenas and during the summer reached massive outdoor venues, including an appearance in Hyde Park. Marie and I went to this intimate show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. For this tour, Stipe adopted wore a green greasepaint ring circling his head around his eyes, resembling the Green Lantern’s mask and also a blindfold. The stage show consisted of dozens of light tubes hanging above the band, displaying several colour-changes as the concert progressed: yellow for “Everybody Hurts”, and red for “Losing My Religion” in front of plates which produced a backdrop of sparks and flashes. The set was a mix of new songs and classics, with a seven song encore. A great concert, I shouldn’t have left it so long to go and see REM. remtix
Setlist: I Took Your Name; Animal; Undertow; The Outsiders; 7 Chinese Bros; High Speed Train; Everybody Hurts; Electron Blue; Leaving New York; I’ve Been High; Departure; Orange Crush; I Wanted to Be Wrong; Final Straw; Imitation of Life; The One I Love; Walk Unafraid; Losing My Religion. Encore: What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?; Bad Day; Sweetness Follows; Swan Swan H; Electrolite; I’m Gonna DJ; Man on the Moon.
We also saw REM play a brief set in London’s Hyde Park as part Live 8, and had tickets for their show in Hyde Park that summer. Their Hyde Park concert was postponed because of the 2005 London bombings, and we couldn’t make the new date for some reason (I don’t recall what) and obtained a refund, missing the gig. REM are sadly missed from the music scene; a great band.


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