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BBC 6 Music Festival Sage Gateshead 21st February 2015

BBC 6 Music Festival Sage Gateshead 21st February 2015
6musictixHall 1: Maximo Park; The Fall; Kate Tempest; Royal Blood; Hot Chip
Hall 2: Ghostpoet; Father John Misty; Ibibio Sound Machine; Django Django; The Cribs
Hall 3: Craig Charles; Stuart Maconie; Ady Croasdell; Richard Searling
Concourse: Kate Tempest & Eliza Carthy; Villagers; Simian Mobile Disco; Jungle; Gruff Rhys
The BBC 6 Music Festival decamped to the North East this year with events in the Academy on Friday, The Sage on Saturday and Sunday and a range of venues across Newcastle throughout the weekend. David and Shauna came up from London for the weekend, and we all (Marie, me, David, Shauna, Laura, Dale) trooped across to the Sage for the Saturday evening festivities.
6musicleafetThe Sage had been transformed into a festival cum nightclub, with all of the halls open and simultaneously featuring music.  All of the seats had been removed from the floor level of Hall 1. The first act that Marie and I caught was Kate Tempest, who was introduced by Don Letts. Now there’s a face from the past. The last time I remember seeing him was 1977 in Newcastle Students Union and he was holding a big camera, filming the Clash. He was managing the Slits at the time and went on to be a member of Big Audio Dynamite. Kate Tempest got the crowd going with her spoken word hip hop music. We wandered into Hall 3 and found Stuart Maconie playing soul sounds, and then out onto the concourse to watch Jungle. For me the highlight was Royal Blood, who made a loud intense blues noise and played to a packed Hall 1. Its hard to believe that two guys (guitar, vocals, drums) can produce such a wall of classic rock music, in the tradition of Hendrix, Zeppelin and Cream. Great stuff. The others all reckoned Hot Chip as the highlight of the night. Laura and Dale went off to the Boiler House after the Sage closed at 11pm, for further 6 Music fun.
Its great that a national event like this has chosen to come to the North East. The 6 Music festival continues today with more music around the city and in the Sage tonight.

The Primitives Newcastle Mayfair 1st May 1988

The Primitives Newcastle Mayfair 1st May 1988
primitivesThe Primitives burst out of the indie rock scene in the late ’80s with the single “Crash” which reached No 5 in 1988. It was on the strength of that single that a mate and I went to see them when they played Newcastle Mayfair. I can’t pretend to remember any of their material other than “Crash” but do recall enjoying the gig. From their official site: “Fronted by indiepop blonde bombshell Tracy Tracy, The Primitives emerged from the independent scene of the mid-80s …Their sound distilled the shimmering guitar jangle of the Byrds, the buzzsaw style of The Ramones and 60′s girl group melodies into two and a half minute pop gems….A widely acclaimed first album, Lovely, made them the UK’s indie darlings, while the huge success of the single ‘Crash‘ saw them cross over to a mass audience. Further chart success followed, along with two more studio albums, Pure and Galore, plus extensive tours of Europe and the US, before the band called it a day in 1992.” The Primitives have recently reformed and are now gigging again.

James Arthur Newcastle City Hall 29th January 2014

James Arthur Newcastle City Hall 29th January 2014
Support from Titch
photo(192)This is definitely a guilty pleasure. Laura quite fancied seeing James Arthur; in fact we were all impressed by him, and followed his progress on X Factor. In fact we feel so guilty admitting that we went to see James that Laura didn’t tell her friends that she was going (hope they don’t read this 🙂 ). But James isn’t your stereotypical X Factor contestant; his music, image and attitude draw from indie, grunge, soul, R&B and hip-hop. James is now on the cusp of becoming a regular pop star, selling out concerts up and down the country. He has, of course, had a few blips, said some inappropriate things, is a bit controversial and has been in the press along the way. This was a sort of home-coming show; bringing James back to the North East, although the real home town gigs take place in a couple of days time when he headlines two nights at Middlesbrough Town Hall. The City Hall was packed with James’ fans who are, in the main, young girls, but there were also a sprinkling of older ladies, some mums and dads who had brought their daughters, a few couples and a few male fans too. A young girl in the front row had “I love you James” written across her face in makeup. It was that sort of night. jamestixThe set comprised his debut album in its entirety, and the closing encore was his hit Impossible. James is backed by an impressive band with guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and two excellent lady singers. The songs are very much r’n’b/soul/pop; the only cover was Marvin Gaye’s Lets Get it on. His set was powerful, and relatively short (an hour and a quarter), and the crowd was on its feet and screaming throughout. Lots of ladies underwear was thrown on stage and James must have touched hands with everyone down at the front (the girl with “I love you James” on her face cried). We had seats in the middle of the third row, right in the throng of it. Pretty good fun, musically and as an event. I bet the Middlesbrough gigs are good.
Setlist: You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You; Flying; Emergency; Roses; Smoke Clouds; Suicide; Get Down; Recovery; Let’s Get It On; New Tattoo; Certain Things; Supposed. Encore: Is This Love?; Impossible

The Stone Roses Heaton Park Manchester July 1st 2012

The Stone Roses Heaton Park Manchester July 1st 2012
I never saw The Stone Roses fist time round; they were around during a period where I wasn’t seeing quite as many gigs as usual, focussing on family and work. In recent years Laura has become heavily into the band, so when they announced this series of reunion gigs in their hometown we decided we should go along. Laura is singing at a friends wedding in a couple of weeks with a group of mates from university who are scattered around the country at the moment, and they were rehearsing at a studio in Wakefield on Sunday afternoon. So my first task was to drive to Wakefield, pick her up and drive across to Manchester for the gig. Picked Laura up about 5pm in Wakefield and then we drove across to Manchester, arriving at Heaton Park, around 6.30pm. We got straight into the disabled parking, and it was a short walk to the nearest entrance to the park, and then up to the disabled platform, which was at the back of the park, facing directly onto the stage. Full marks to everyone for the organisation. The place was rammed by the time we got to the platform, but we got there without any problem at all, and everyone was very helpful. Laura had brought her white cane, and everyone made room, and we got through the crowds no problem at all. The Wailers were on as we arrived, playing a selection of old Bob Marley classics. They were pretty good, but the crowd din’t seem to be taking a lot of notice of them. Next up was Plan B. His current act is a mixture of a 60s soul revue and hip hop / rap. I thought he pretty good, much better than I had expected and the crowd gave him a good reception. But everyone was there for the main event. Around 9.10pm the Supremes “Stoned Love” boomed across the PA, and then the heroes of the night took to the stage, starting with “I wanna be adored”. Not being a fan and feeling quite old; I did feel a bit like an intruder at a stranger’s party at times. This band means so much to everyone there. Everyone knew every word, and the atmosphere was just great. The Stone Roses played all of the first album and a few tracks from the second. John Squire was just astounding on guitar. I hadn’t realised how good he was, and how much of a guitar band The Roses were. Ian sang ok, and was in 100% control of the crowd. Mani had a smile right across his face. Reni kept the rhythm at the back. I heard lots of the 60s in the music: Jefferson AirPlane, Love, The Byrds, The Doors, The Floyd, there were all there in Squire’s guitar and in the visuals. We were chatting to a guy called Eddie on the platform, who kindly explained all the visuals (which were also impressive) to Laura. We left during the instrumental jam part of “I am the Resurrection” but could hear all of it as we walked to the car. Just as we got to the car park we saw the fireworks light up the sky. Our plan of leaving during the last song worked well; we were straight out of the car park just after 11pm, and straight onto the motorway, which was amazing. Back home at 1.15am. Have been reflecting on what I experienced last night. The vibe of the day was like no other gig I can remember. This was much much more than a concert. It was a generation celebrating their youth, and reaffirming their belief in four guys that took them on a journey which was all too brief and stopped short; and for three special nights everyone in the park were at one with those guys on the stage again. It was something special to be part of. Support acts: Justice Tonight Band, The Wailers, Plan B, The Stone Roses.
Setlist: I Wanna Be Adored; Mersey Paradise; (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister’; Sally Cinnamon; Where Angels Play; Shoot You Down; Bye Bye Badman; Ten Storey Love Song; Standing Here; Fools Gold; Something’s Burning; Waterfall; Don’t Stop; Love Spreads; Made Of Stone; This Is The One; She Bangs The Drums; Elizabeth My Dear; I Am The Resurrection.

Radiohead Lancashire Cricket Ground


Lancashire Cricket Ground, Old Trafford, Machester Sun 29 June

Support Acts: MGMT, Bat for Lashes

I don’t get Radiohead. I’ve tried really hard to get into them, but still can’t see it. I’ve listened to their albums, and been to see them before in Edinburgh (mainly due to pressure from David and Laura and some curiosity). I’ve read about them being the best band in the world, and started to believe it; but its no good, they are just a bit too new for me.

Anyway, it was time to go and see them again. This time Laura, David, Mari and I were travelling to Manchester to see Radiohead at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. The journey took longer than expected due to an accident on the road to Wetherby. We took a diversion through Harrogateand Leeds; passing Harewood House where Eric Clapton was playing (as I passed I was wishing that I was amongst the queueing crowds for that concert). The extended journey gave us a chance to listen to OK Computer and In Rainbows in their entirety. I still didn’t get it.

We arrive at Old Trafford, having missed MGMT the first support act. Mari has a spare ticket which David and her attempt to sell outside. However, even the touts can’t shift tickets today, so they give up (mental note; next time don’t buy a ticket; buy one outside for less than face value).  When we get into the ground David and Mari go onto the pitch and try to make their way to the front. Laura and I have a walk around during Bat for Lashes set which sounds OKish. Laura buys a t-shirt which claims to be made from recycled bottle tops and bears a quote from one of Radiohead’s songs. We eventually go and find seats in the family area where we sat for the Arctic Monkeys gig almost a year ago.

Radiohead come on stage to a great welcome from the crowd. Everyone is singing along and are word-perfect in every song. They recognise each song within a split second (unlike me who vaguely recognises three songs form the entire set). I am finding it  to comment on the set, because they are quite beyond me. However, David, Laura and Mari assured me that it was a great setlist, fantastic atmosphere and Tom Yhorke’s voice is outstanding.

Towards the end David and Mari come over to the seated area and join us. We all watch the 3 sets of encores from there, and even I manage to sing along during Karma Police. When they finally leave the stage we go over to the car park, where we have to wait almost an hour before leaving. The car next to us is blasting out Raidohead from its speaker system. I personally opted for Radio 2 for the journey back to the hotel.




Set list:

1 15 Step
2 Airbag
3 There There
4 All I Need
5 Nude
6 Arpeggi
7 The Gloaming
8 The National Anthem
9 Faust Arp
10 No Surprises
11 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
12 Reckoner
13 Just
14 Bangers + Mash
15 Everything in Its Right Place
16 Fake Plastic Trees
17 Bodysnatchers

Encore 1
18 Videotape
19 Paranoid Android
20 Myxomatosis
21 Optimistic
22 Karma Police

Encore 2
23 Pyramid Song
24 2+2=5
25 Idioteque

Encore 3
26 Lucky

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