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Hawkwind Magna Centre Rotherham December 2006

Hawkwind Magna Centre Rotherham December 200
hawktixmagna This was a private fanclub session for recording of a DVD. I had Hawkwind passport and this enabled me to gain entry. along with my mate Norm. We were told that we had to dress as aliens, but we bottled it, and turned up in our normal gear. Most of the audience were, however, decked out as instructed, which made it an interesting evening. The place was absolutely freezing; you could see your breath in the air! It was a good event, and Hawkwind played well, although I was disappointed that they didn’t play Master of the Universe or Silver Machine. For me, a Hawkwind gig should always feature at least one of those classic songs. We’ll be back at Magna again to see Hawkwind at the Prog festival in April; hope its warmer! I’ve seen Hawkwind a couple of times since then, once at Newcastle Academy and once at their 40th anniversary show in London, but I have already blogged about those gigs, so this is the last of my Hawkwind postings for now. I’ve enjoyed reflecting on Hawkwind, and it has made me realise how important they are as a band. Setlist: Right Stuff; Psychedelic Warlords; Dogstar; Orgone Accumulator; You Know You’re Only Dreaming; Orgone Accumulator; Paradox; Robot; Out Here We Are; Greenback Massacre; Marine Snow; Lord Of Light; Images; Infinity; Hassan-i-Sahba; Space Is Their; Hassan-i-Sahba; Spirit Of The Age; Motorhead

Hawkwind Newcastle Tyne Theatre 2004

Hawkwind Newcastle Tyne Theatre 2004
hawktix2004 It was 2004 before I saw Hawkwind again. I realised that it had been remiss of me to go so long without going to see the band, and decided I needed to put that right. So when they came to the Newcastle Tyne Theatre I persuaded David to come along with me to the gig. By now the line-up was a core three-piece of the captain of the spaceship and old-timer Dave Brock, with newer (but by this point in fact not so new) members Alan Davey on bass, and Richard Chadwick on drums. The band were augmented by various guests on record and at some gigs, including Arthur Brown, Simon House, Lene Lovich and Lemmy, all of whom featured on the album of the time Take Me To Your Leader. Incredibly Take Me To Your Leader was Hawkwind’s 23rd studio album. It featured a re-recording of classic track Spirit of the Age, and some new tracks around the traditional space age theme. The live show was pretty impressive with android dancers, the band in white coats, and the stage set a cross between an operating theatre and a space craft. David enjoyed the show, even though he was not at all familiar with any of Hawkwind’s material. hawksprog2004 Interestingly David saw lots of links to modern dance music in Hawkwind. They started with the new version of Spirit of the Age, which was a great opener, and the set also included a few old favourites such as Psychedelic Warlords, Angels of Death, Brainstorm, and for the encore Master of the Universe.And a new favourite in Angela Android. Great stuff. It was just like old times, and it brought home to me all of the reasons why Hawkwind were so important to me at one time. Why did I ever stop going to see them?! I guess I grew a little tired and life, work and other things got in the way and were more important at the time. Anyway, it was like being home again in many respects, and I have tried to see Hawkwind regularly since then (although I have missed once or twice  ). Setlist: Spirit of the Age; Sword of the East; Greenback Massacre; Psychedelic Warlords; Uncle Sam’s On Mars; The Iron Dream; Out Here We Are; Digital Nation; Assassins of Allah; Angels of Death; Ode To a Time Flower; To Love A Machine; Angela Android; Brainstorm. Encore: Brainbox Pollution; Master of the Universe; Welcome

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1981

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1981
Support from Mama’s Boys hawktix81 1981; another year and another line-up for Hawkwind. Ginger Baker left the band after his short spell in the drum stool, to be replaced by Martin Griffin who joined Dave Brock, Huw Lloyd-Langton and Harvey Bainbridge. The band released a new album Sonic Attack and embarked upon their traditional end of year tour of the UK, calling at Newcastle City Hall in October. The title track, was a re-recording of the Space Ritual spoken piece with a new electronic backing. The album also included Angels of Death, which is one of my all-time favourite Hawkwind tracks. hawksprog81 I was to see Hawkwind the following year when they appeared halfway up the bill at the Donington Monsters of Rock extravaganza. I lost faith in the band around this time. I remember going to see Hawkwind at Newcastle Mayfair in the late 80s or early 90s, and the line-up was I think a three-piece with Dave Brock taking on most of the lead vocals. It wasn’t one of the best times I have seen the band, and I didn’t go to see them again until 2004. I’ll blog on that gig tomorrow. Setlist for the 1981 tour (something like): Angel Voice; Motorway City; Angels Of Death; Psi Power; Coded Languages; Golden Void; Magnu; Dust Of Time; Virgin Of The World; Psychedelic Warlords; Shot Down In The Night; Sonic Attack; Brainstorm; Silver Machine; Master Of The Universe.

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1980

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1980
Enter Ginger Baker
hawktix80 I remember being quite excited when I heard that Ginger Baker was joining Hawkwind, replacing long-time drummer Simon King. The line-up for the 1980 Levitation tour was Dave Brock, Huw Lloyd-Langton, Harvey Bainbridge, Tim Blake and Ginger Baker. Support came from Vardis, who were a high-energy NWOBHM rock band from Yorkshire, fronted by Steve Zodiac (his name taken from the lead character in Fireball XL5) who sported very long blonde hair, and played bare chested and with bare feet. Vardis had the bottle to play a version of Silver Machine as part of their set, and were apparently booed for doing so at some of the concerts on the tour. I remember Ginger Baker having a massive drum kit, sitting towards the front of the stage and belting away at his drums. hawksprog80 Ginger fitted into Hawkwind well, and all credit to him for taking the job on. This was a great show as usual, and a very successful tour, so much so that dates were added to take the tour well into December. However Ginger’s stay with the band was to be short-lived, as he left after the 1980 tour. Tim Blake also left the band during the tour after a fall-out with Dave Brock. So by the start of 1981, Hawkwind were down to three members: Brock, Lloyd-Langton and Bainbridge. Typical setlist from the tour: Levitation; Motorway City; Death Trap; Shot Down In The Night; Spirit Of The Age; Psychosis; World Of Tiers; 5th Second Of Forever; Dust Of Time; Space Chase; Prelude; Who’s Gonna Win The War; Psi Power; Brainstorm; Silver Machine; Master Of The Universe

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1979

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1979
Support came from Doll by Doll
hawktix79 In late 1979, Hawkwind regrouped with a line-up of Dave Brock on guitar, Harvey Bainbridge on bass and Simon King on drums. The three core members were joined by Huw Lloyd-Langton (who had played on Hawkwind’s debut album) and Tim Blake (formerly of Gong). At this point in time the band had no record deal and no new album to promote. However, they went out on their normal Autumn/Winter tour around the UK, delivering a set of Hawkwind classics, and tracks from the Levitation album, which was to be released in the following year. The programme bears the title: Masters of the Universe. hawksprog78 Support came from Doll by Doll, led by the late and sadly missed Jackie Leven. Doll by Doll surfaced around the time of punk, but their music was much deeper than the punk moniker suggests. I have blogged on Doll by Doll previously. A live album, recorded at the Oxford gig of the tour, was released the following year. Further line-up changes were to take place after the tour, with the departure of long-time drummer Simon King, to be replaced by legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker. I’ll report on that line-up tomorrow. Setlist from the Newcastle gig: Shot Down In The Night; Motorway City; Spirit Of The Age; Urban Guerilla; Prelude; Who’s Gonna Win The War; World Of Tiers; New Jerusalem; Lighthouse; Brainstorm; Phenomenon Of Luminosity; PXR5; Master Of The Universe; Silver Machine; Levitation.

Hawklords Newcastle City Hall 1978

Hawklords Newcastle City Hall 1978 hawktix78 Come 1978 the mighty Hawkwind disbanded, but rapidly reappeared, having morphed into the Hawklords. The Hawklords featured Hawkwind members Robert Calvert on vocals, Dave Brock on guitar and Simon King on drums, with Harvey Bainbridge on bass and Martin Griffin on drums (from Ark) and Steve Swindells on keyboards (from Pilot). The tour was billed as Hawklords, although the message clearly hadn’t reached Newcastle as the ticket reads Hawkwind. Support came from The Softies and punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald, a strange choice, who didn’t go down too well with the Hawkwind crowd. There was a programme for the tour, but for some reason I don’t seem to have a copy, which is unusual, as I always bought one. I can only assume that for some reason the programme was not available at the Newcastle gig. Something else for me to watch for on ebay! The band released a Hawklords album: 25 Years O, and the tour featured tracks from the new release, alongside old Hawkwind favourites. hawklordsCalvert was his usual manic showman self, and the stage set was as impressive as ever. From Wiki: “The stage show was designed by Barney Bubbles and was based on a Metropolis/Mao Tse-tung dystopia theme, featuring a projected film based light show, dancers in drab clothing performing mundane tasks, and spotlight towers creating an oppressive internment camp atmosphere.” At the end of the tour Bob Calvert fired Griffin and then resigned himself, thus closing another chapter in the complex history of the band. Hawkwind was, however, soon to re-emerge with another line-up; more tomorrow. Setlist: Automation; 25 Years; High Rise; Death Trap; Micro Man; Spirit Of The Age; Urban Guerilla; Sonic Attack; Flying Doctor; Steppenwolf; Psi Power; Brainstorm; Free Fall; Uncle Sam’s On Mars; Iron Dream; Silver Machine; Master Of The Universe
Update on 8th August 2014. I managed to buy a copy of the programme for this tour on ebay (see above). Cost me less than a fiver. Bargain! 🙂

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall and Reading 1977

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1977
Support Bethnal hawktix77 I saw Hawkwind twice in 1977; once at the Reading festival and at Newcastle City Hall on their annual tour. The band released Quark, Strangeness and Charm, which maintained their high standards, and I would rate as one of their best albums. Stand-out tracks for me are Spirit of the Age; Hassan I Sahba; and the title track, all of which became live favourites. The line-up was now Robert Calvert; Dave Brock; Simon House; Adrian Shaw and Simon King. Adrian Shaw replaced Paul Rudolph on bass, coming from the group Magic Muscle who had supported Hawkwind on the 1972 Space Ritual tour. This was the year of punk, and a very muddy Reading festival. hawksprog77 There were a few traces of punk and new wave at Reading in the form of Wayne County (who was greeted by a hail of cans), Ultravox! and the Motors. But the majority of the line-up was classic rock: Aerosmith; the Sensational Alex Harvey Band; the Doobie Brothers; The Enid (who went down a storm); Frankie Miller; Golden Earring; and Uriah Heep. Thin Lizzy were massive at the time and headlined the event. Hawkwind appeared on the Sunday on a bill headlined by, I think, Alex Harvey. A month later and I saw Hawkwind again at the City Hall. This was a great show and the new songs were fast becoming favourites. Support came from Bethnal who were a new wave band that featured an electric violinist and were pretty good too. Setlist from Reading: Reefer Madness; Hassan I Sahba; The Forge of Vulcan; Brainstorm; Quark Strangeness and Charm; Steppenwolf; High Rise; Robot; Spirit of the Age; Damnation Alley; Uncle Sam’s on Mars; The Iron Dream