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Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1976

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall 1976
Support Tiger with Big Jim Sullivan on guitar hawktix76 It was 1976 and Hawkwind were back on the road with a new album and a new show. Robert Calvert had rejoined the fold, after guesting at Reading in 1975, but Stacia had decided to give up dancing and take up family life. Paul Rudolph of the Pink Fairies was new on bass guitar duties, replacing Lemmy who had been sacked from the band. Paul himself wasn’t to be in the band for long. The new album was Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music and the stand out track was Reefer Madness. I didn’t realise at the time that this song title came from an old anti-drugs film which I have seen quite recently on TV. The tour concept was Atomhenge which was a futuristic version of Stonehenge and shrouded the stage with a myriad of lights. “Throughout the show, thousands of light bulbs within the glass–fibre structure sprang to life, giving an eerie, almost menacing atmosphere onstage.” hawksprog76Calvert was in his element and took on several roles during the show, ranging from a Biggles-like airforce pilot, through a swordsman warrior to a character resembling Lawrence of Arabia. This was one of Hawkwind’s most memorable shows, and I saw it on my 20th birthday! Support came from Tiger who featured the legendary session man Bij Jim Sullivan on guitar. I was a fan of Big Jim from his performances on Tom Jones’ TV show. The band was to disintegrate soon after the tour, with the departure of Nik Turner, Alan Powell and Paul Rudolph, leaving Dave Brock and Bob Calvert at the nucleus of the band. Setlist (obtained from a bootleg of the Newcastle show): Reefer Madness; Paradox; Chronoglide Skyway; Hassan I Sahba; Brainstorm; Wind Of Change; Steppenwolf; Uncle Sams On Mars; Time For Sale; Back On The Streets; Sonic Attack; Kerb Crawler. Encore: Magnu; Master Of The Universe

Hawkwind The Reading Festival August 1975

Hawkwind The Reading Festival August 1975
reading75flyerHad the Hawklords sold out? Here they were headlining the Friday night of a mainstream festival. What about the hippy free festival ideals? Why weren’t they playing outside while we all stormed the fences? No worries, Hawkwind were still as anti-establishment as ever, and anyway why shouldn’t they have headlined a rock festival?
A group of us went to Reading 1975 which took place over the August bank holiday weekend. The festival boasted a strong line-up with Hawkind, Dr Feelgood and UFO on Friday; Yes, Supertramp and Thin Lizzy on Saturday; and Wishbone Ash, John Mclaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Soft Machine on Sunday. Hawkwind headlined on the Friday night, taking the stage after a storming set by the Feelgoods. The Hawklords rose to the occasion and brought the cold Friday to a fitting close. Robert Calvert rejoined the band for the evening, and enjoyed it so much he decided to stay on and woudl return to the fold for the next year or so. I found the following quote of a Feelgoods fan site. It comes from a review of the time andsums things up better than I can: “Midnight on Friday. Hawkwind shambled offstage amid amplified exhortations to “smoke plenty of good dope” having blasted the wax out of every ear for miles around. As they strolled backstage – Nik Turner wreathed in orange hair and smiles, Simon House deadly serious and toting a small child – the audience at the first night of the Reading Festival turned their collars against the sudden cold, shivering.  The temperature, never particularly high during the whole day, seemed to have taken a sudden plunge as the last rumbling notes of “Silver Machine” died away.  Camp-fires were being stoked into life here and there.” Setlist: Mind Journey; Assault And Battery; Golden Void; Ode To A Crystal Set; Psychedelic Warlords; Wind Of Change; The Awakening; Paradox; Spiral Galaxy; Sonic Attack; Magnu; Opa Loka; Master Of The Universe; Welcome; Brainstorm; Silver Machine.

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall December 1974

Hawkwind Newcastle City Hall December 1974. The Dead Singer tour. Support from Al Matthews.
hawktix74 Hawkwind were back at the City Hall almost a year to the day from the last time I saw them their. But this time they had a new lp and some changes to the line-up. From the tour programme: “Welcome, friend of Hawkwind, to our tour. You probably know that, with the exception of two dates this summer, this is our first tour of Britain since The Ridiculous Roadshow last Christmas. But we have not been idle since we last saw you. In that time we have recorded and released a new album Hall Of The Mountain Grill and toured the United States twice. Tonight we will be introducing you to our two new members. Del Dettmar, of course, has gone to live in a cabin by a lake in a forest in Canada with his wife Ros. Simon House, who plays keyboards, synthesiser and violin joined us from The Third Ear Band, to replace Del. In the summer we also acquired a new drummer. Simon King, who plays a lot of football and supports Chelsea (still?) broke some ribs in a game and Alan Powell, who has drummed with many good bands including Vinegar Joe and Chicken Shack, deputised for Simon on our European tour. hawksprog74 Then when Simon recovered they discovered they liked playing together and we liked two drummers in the band so Alan stayed on. We hope you like it too. Apart from that most everything else stays the same. Dave, Nick, Lemmy, Stacia, Jonathan Smeeton, Steve, Bob, Douglas, Jon Lee, Val and Richard are still with us. Pete our drum roadie got busted and couldn’t get into the States so Ian replaced him and we acquired a new personal roadie in Stuart.” The new album Hall of the Mountain Grill includes the classic track The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke) which was to become a live favourite. These were the classic years for Hawkwind; they always gave a great live show with special effects, some bizarre madness and some great rock music. The tour was called the “Dead Singer” tour after the name of a short story by Michael Moorcock which appeared in the programme. Setlist: Warriors; Lord Of Light; The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke); Wind of Change; Warriors; Brainstorm; You Know You’re Only Dreaming; The Watcher; The Awakening; Paradox; Sonic Attack; Master of the Universe; Welcome to the Future. Encore: You’d Better Believe It; D-Rider; You Shouldn’t Do That; Seeing It as You Really Are

Hawkwind Ridiculous Roadshow Newcastle City Hall 1973

Hawkwind Ridiculous Roadshow Newcastle City Hall 1973
hawktix73 Hawkwind wanted to draw a line under the hugely successful Space Ritual tour, and this new outing in late 1973 was named The Ridiculous Roadshow tour. The tour called at Newcastle City Hall on 11th December 1973 and I went along with a group of mates. The linne-up at this time was Dave Brock; Lemmy; Simon King; Del Dettmar and Nik Turner. I’m pretty sure that Stacia was still dancing with Hawkwind, and that there was a second dancer. The set was drawn from Space Ritual and from their first three albums: Hawkwind (1970), In Search of Space (1971) and Doremi Fasol Latido (1972). Hawkwind had some classic tracks, which looking back, were really quite groundbreaking and fore-runners of modern dance music. Songs such as Brainstorm, Time We Left This World Today, and Master of the Universe are just great and still stand up today. I bought a Hawkwind ‘best of’ CD at Sainbury’s and have it in the car, and when no-one else is there I can be found driving around with Master of the Universe playing at full volume. How times have changed. Back in the day, Hawkwind were the rebels, the outsiders, the hippies, the proto-punks, and very clearly anti-establishment. And now I buy their CD in Sainsbury’s. Not sure what that tells me! Setlist: Coming Of Hawkwind; Brainbox Pollution; Wizard Blew His Horn; Lord Of Light; Only Dreaming; Standing At The Edge; Brainstorm; Seven By Seven; It’s So Easy; You’d Better Believe It; D-Rider; Sonic Attack; Watcher; Warrior On The Edge Of Time; Master Of The Universe; Welcome To The Future; Silver Machine; Seeing It As You Really Are. And all for £1!

Hawkwind Space Ritual Tour Sunderland Locarno 1972

Hawkwind Space Ritual Tour Sunderland Locarno 1972 hawkspace1
“This is earth calling”…….”In case of Sonic Attack on your district, follow these rules…If you are making love, it is imperative to bring all bodies to orgasm simultaneously..Do not waste time blocking your ears…..Do not waste time seeking a soundproof shelter…….Try to get as far away from the sonic source as possible…Do not panic…”
I am starting the letter H today in my bloggings, and there is no better way to start than reflecting on the times I have seen Hawkwind in concert. I’ve seen the band lots of times over the years, so please indulge me, while I write about those experiences. It will take me a week or so. I blogged some time ago on my first Hawkwind experience, which was when I saw them as one of the support acts for the post-Morrison Doors at Newcastle City Hall. It wasn’t long before I saw the band again. The Space Ritual tour called at Sunderland Locarno in 1972, and was as epic as the legends suggest. Silver Machine and Master of the Universe were great favourites at the Mecca (the Locarno) at the time; the dancefloor always filled up when they came over the PA. So when it was announced that the band were coming to play as part of their Space Ritual tour, there was a lot of excitement, and huge anticipation for the gig. This was the classic Hawkwind line-up with Robert Calvert on vocals; Dave Brock on guitar and vocals; Nik Turner on sax, flute, and vocals; Lemmy on bass guitar and vocals; Dik Mik and Del Dettmar on synthesizers and Simon King on drums. hawkspace2 The gig was everything you might imagine: very loud, a tightly packed ballroom, lots of flashing lights and strobes, Stacia dancing naked, strong smells of joss sticks and dope, strong bass and rock rhythms, lots of strange noises, weird space-rock, great psychedelic light show, booming sinister vocals from Calvert, Lemmy looking cool. This gig had every ingredient a rock n roll gig should and, as a young kid, I was just blown away and totally hooked on Hawkwind. From that point on I was a fan, and went to see them again and again; although I have to admit that I did lose faith a little during the late 80s and 90s. This is one of those gigs that I would love to experience again. If only I had a time machine…Happy days and happy memories. Setlist: Earth Calling; Born To Go; Down Through The Night; The Awakening; Lord Of Light; Black Corridor; Space Is Deep; Electronic No. 1; Orgone Accumulator; Upside Down; 10 Seconds Of Forever; Brainstorm; 7 By 7; Sonic Attack; Time We Left This World Today; Master Of The Universe; Welcome To The Future; You Shouldn’t Do That. Encore: can’t really remember, but I imagine it will have been Silver Machine